Italian for Post Beginners (Avalon)

Italian for Post Beginners (Avalon)

for post beginners

Next Available: Fri, 26 Jul 9:30AM (AEST)
1 hour 30 minutes x 4 Weeks
Over 100 people have attended this class


At Italian Connections, we love the Italian language and culture, that's why we have decided to share this passion with you.

You will learn Italian in an interactive way, through speaking, listening, and role-plays. We use a wide range of methods to make your learning experience varied and fun. We will also discuss Italian culture and traditions, as language and culture are strongly intertwined. This module usually requires 3 terms of previous Italian tuition.

All our teachers are highly qualified and receive regular training. What makes them truly unique though is their contagious passion for the Italian language and culture.

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What you will learn

  • Improve your conversation and grammar
  • Learn new tenses and structures
  • Learn and discuss Italian culture

What you will get

  • A small learning group for maximum attention
  • A fun, interactive course
  • Lots of practice and conversation on everyday topics

What to bring

  • All material will be provided
  • Pen and paper
  • Textbook: Dieci A 1 by Alma edizioni available at

What to wear


Appropriate for

Post Beginners adults over 18

Italian Connections

(237 Reviews)

Learn to speak Italian--the language of romance--and explore with us the culture of L'Italia. We offer fun, effective courses and seminars, plus amazing study trips to Italy!

Why learn with us? We offer you much more than a course: we will connect you to your new Italian world in many different and interesting ways.

About the Founder of Italian Connections 

Born and bred in Milan, Elena De Felice speaks five languages and has earned from Milan University a Degree in Interpreting and an Honour's Degree in Foreign Languages and Literature.

Languages and communication have been Elena's passion from a very young age. This, combined with her enthusiasm, was what motivated her to create her business, after many years of experience as a teacher and translator.

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4.5 (6 reviews)
Stefanirated it
24 Sep 2016
I learnt a few more basic sentences. I realised I was able to express myself a little better in Italian and was actually able to 'converse' with my classmates. My class are fun, great learners to be with. Also, my tutor is a very good young teacher and......very understanding when I make booboos (mistakes)!!!
Peterrated it
04 Aug 2016
Commenced with Beginners, now Post Beginners. Classes well-graded, which definitely makes for a fun session each week. Grammar is introduced progressively with everyday situations/conversations and vocab, making it pertinent and easier to understand. Very much looking forward to Sicilian trip, led by course principal, Elena.
Anitarated it
02 Jul 2016
I have learnt that learning Italian can be fun & informative if not a lifes work !!
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Cancellations & Refunds

If the organiser cancels the class:

You are entitled to a full refund.

If you can't attend the class:

Terms & Conditions

  • No refunds after enrolment. No transfer of course fee to other terms.  Please choose your class carefully.
  • Textbooks. Course fee does not include textbooks. Please purchase textbook prior to first class.
  • Make-up classes are not possible. If a student misses a class, they can write to the school and the school will give them class report and homework or alternatively you can book and pay for a private catch-up lesson.
  • Our teachers. We reserve the right to reassign teachers  after class has started.
  • Age: all our classes and seminars are for adults ONLY. Minimum age required is 18 years.
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