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Finding Your Way Home (Two Day Workshop)

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Loosely based around my own experiences, this workshop is for anyone who wants to use art, writing and beauty to re-claim their centre, to find their way back to themselves, if life has knocked them a little off kilter (and if you’re alive, you know what I mean!). This weekend is not about learning how to paint. It is about what creating these nine paintings ... will teach you. Together, we will explore our journeys with laughter and a light heart … making delicious, personal, beautiful art :)

Sound appealing? Join me!

** Note: This is a 2 day workshop over Sat/Sun, from 9.30 to 5.30 daily. Not a sleepover :) And there are no prerequisites, other than an open heart and a desire to move forward.You are all welcome!

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What you will learn
  • Life throws us off kilter from time to time. This workshop will help you find your way back to your centre - using your creativity :)
  • With Paint, Mindfulness and Reflection, we will explore where you are now, and where you would like to be.
  • You will create a beautiful, flowing assemblage of nine richly layered, colourful and heart-centred paintings with your story.
What you will get
  • A set of nine beautiful original paintings that come together to create an awesome tapestry of your journey.
  • A unique insight into your OWN creative process and story.
  • Warm and wonderful new friendships with creative souls.

What to bring
  • Lunch
  • Most materials are supplied but a tiny list will be sent to you of what you have to bring!
What to wear

The usual comfy, painty clothes

Appropriate for



Malini Parker

Vendor since 2013

“Life is a big canvas; throw all the paint on it you can!” -D. Kaye

Hi there, I’m Malini, scientist-turned-artist/writer/teacher. I’m delighted you stopped by :) If you’re here because you’ve heard of my unique art workshops for beginners, you're in the right place!

SO ... Is this you?

Have you ever gazed longingly at a beautiful work of abstract art, and thought, “I wish I could do that, but I don’t have a creative bone in my body!” Do you yearn to express your creativity, but you just don’t know how? Are weekly art classes impossible, because you just can’t spare the time? Yes, yes and yes? Well then, things may be about to change for you!


The ABSOLUTE BEGINNER: You’re the one that’s always been curious about your artistic side, but you haven’t a clue where to begin. Or the one that’s never had the time to attend weekly art classes. Or perhaps it all seems too overwhelming … maybe you feel you’ve left it too late to learn. Hey, I designed this workshop for YOU! In one jam-packed, fun day, you’ll lose that fear of the unknown. And learn absolutely heaps. I’ve got you covered!

The NOW-AND-THEN-DABBLER: So you paint a little. But you love it a lot! And you dream of one day learning how to do it all  ‘properly’. Now’s your chance. Use my seven step process to give you some clear structure. Let my intensive but oh-so-fun approach invigorate you. You’ll be painting with more purpose and passion in no time!


I meet hundreds of wonderful, worried, would-be creatives in my workshops.And in just ONE DAY, I fill their hearts and hands with possibilities! It’s an insanely busy day, full of laughs and love, and the beautiful art that emerges is just spectacular. This event that began in my backyard just a few years ago, with five young folk who were keen to learn to paint has now grown into my consuming passion and helped transform the lives of so many people.  It is an incredible honour to be part of another’s creative journey, and that delight I witness in my students as they rediscover their creativity… aaah, it makes my heart sing :)

Thank you for your interest in me and my work. It would be my honour to make a difference in your life, and help unlock your creativity!

You have so much joy ahead of you :)


Malini Parker


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Cancellation & Refund Policy

I lovingly prepare materials for EACH student in advance, so if you can’t make it:

  1. If there is insufficient time to fill your place, there will be a cancellation fee of 50% of the workshop fee.
  2. If you cancel at the very last minute due to emergencies or illness, I will pop you into another class with no cancellation fee.
  3. 'NO SHOWS' (who don't contact me) won't be refunded or re-scheduled!
  4. But really, I am accommodating and flexible and I WANT you to be there, so just give me enough notice (one week minimum) and I’ll cheerfully re-schedule you into another class. :-)

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09 July 2019 • Finding Your Way Home (Two Day Workshop)

Just wanted to say thank you so very much Malini for such an amazing weekend of art yoga so inspirational enjoyable had a fantastic amazing time ! Learned so much, so lovely meeting you have lots to practice now I So very much 110% recommend this beutiful weekend to anyone so up lifting just the best weekend I have had in years ! “Finding your way home” Love the name I do believe I have found my way home now a new me more confident !! Roll on next course with lovely Malini


17 July 2018 • Finding Your Way Home (Two Day Workshop)

I feel so grateful and blessed to have taken part in Malini's wonderfully crafted 2 day workshop "Finding Your Way Home" Malini creates such a beautifully heart-felt, warm, welcoming space that invited my creativity to flow with curiosity, laughter and inspiration. It was lovely that even when I felt apprehensive to take the next step or I was attached to what I had just created in the last step Malini knew how to give me just the right amount of nudge I needed to keep me moving forward so there was more time to play, enjoy and relish in the process. It was also amazing to see where I was blocked in the creative process reflected similar issues I was having in my life. The difficulties in making choices choosing my paint colors mirrored the emotions I experienced when I was choosing direction in my life. Where I was attached to what I had created in earlier steps showed me where I do that in my life. What was important for me to see was how I approached these choices and to realise there was other ways of looking at things that bought more ease, acceptance and fun into the process. The intimate stories that Malini generously shares of her own experience of hardship and grief invited me to see there is always another way to look at something...hold yourself in life...and come away seeing the beauty. As Malini says she does not profess to be an Art Therapist but doing her course and being in her presence is definitely therapeutic and it became a beautiful mindfulness practice. Combined with Chioni's gorgeous, gentle and nourishing yoga class it felt like my creative soul was getting the encouragement and support it needed so I could be less critical with myself and invite more kindness, courage and wonder into my process both in art and in life. And hey mix that together with the beautiful backdrop of the Swan River, new wonderful friends, a sumptuous soundtrack of beautiful music and CHOCOLATE......I mean it's pretty much heaven! Thank you Malini for sparking that creative spirit back to life! xOx


16 July 2018 • Finding Your Way Home (Two Day Workshop)

Malini's art workshop, Finding Your Way Home, was an enlightening experience for me. Not only does she teach you some very cool art techniques, Malini provides opportunities for each of us to really get in touch with our inner artist in a safe, warm, nurturing environment. I was able to find my inner artist that I never thought I had. Thank you Malini for allowing me to be myself while also challenging me to try new things.

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