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Podcasting for Kids

Lean to create a Podcast!

Next Available: Thu, 26 Sep 11:00AM (AEST)
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Live via Zoom
1 hour 30 minutes


Looking for unique indoor kids activities that will teach your little one's practical skills? Let them learn how to make a podcast with Rebel Stepz Arts!

This fun live online class will have kids writing, recording, editing a short podcast with the help of the instructor.

Kids will learn how to develop a short script, each writing and reading their individual sections to create a group podcast. They will be taught how to use a free editing program and explore what goes into recording podcast episodes before moving on to learning how to edit it and add sound effects and music.

At the end of the class, kids will have a completed their own short podcast and the skills to continue making more fun podcasts!

This lesson requires students to download a free program called 'AUDACITY' so we ask parents to make sure computers are ready for the download.

*Please note the Zoom meeting is locked after 5 minutes to avoid impedeing the flow of the class. Latecomers will not be permitted after this time.
Recordings of classes are not provided if a session is missed and we do not gurantee transfers into other sessions
* This session requires children (aged 9+) to have computer skills and the mindset to be able to understand and use the basics of a music program. This session is most suited to those who are interested in technology.

Suitable for children aged 9+

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What you will learn

  • Students will learn fun ways to develop scripts enhancing their writing abilities. They will build confidence by recording their voices and contributing to the podcast recording their scripts. As a group, we will then learn how to edit using a free sound program,

What you will get

  • A fun and creative session that is interactive and has kids practising a number of skills including literacy and IT.

What to bring

  • A computer or ipad, pencils and paper.

What to wear

No dress code.

Appropriate for

No experience required

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