Wild Mushroom Foraging and Fermentation workshop
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Wild Mushroom Foraging and Fermentation workshop

Learn to identify edible mushrooms

Next Available: Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
(Private Dates Available)
3 hours
Group Size: 8 - 15


This class is designed for anyone interested in learning how to identify wild mushrooms, and to safely and sustainably forage for them in their natural habitat.

Throughout this workshop, you will learn about the various types of mushrooms that grow in your local area, including edible and poisonous species. You will also learn how to identify mushrooms based on their physical characteristics such as their color, shape, texture, and scent.

We will cover the basics of mushroom ecology, including the different types of ecosystems in which they grow, and the symbiotic relationships between fungi and other organisms. We will also discuss the ethical considerations of foraging and how to minimize your impact on the environment.

During the hands-on portion of the workshop, we will take a guided foraging walk in a nearby forest to identify and collect wild mushrooms. You will learn how to properly harvest and store mushrooms, and how to cook and enjoy them in delicious and nutritious meals.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced forager, this workshop will provide you with the knowledge and skills to safely and confidently identify and forage for wild mushrooms. Join us and discover the wonderful world of fungi!

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What you will learn

  • Attendees will learn to able to identify edible mushrooms and how to ferment them

What you will get

  • All students leave with a mushroom field guide

What to bring

  • Jacket if its cold, closed shoes for walking through tracks

What to wear

Casual clothing

Appropriate for

Beginner forager

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Cancellations & Refunds

If the organiser cancels the class:

You are entitled to a full refund.

If you can't attend the class:

You’re welcome to send someone in your place.


  • A refund can be requested 14 days before class starts. An admin fee of AU$45.00 applies.
  • A transfer can be requested 14 days before the class starts. An admin fee of AU$20.00 applies.

No changes will be allowed after these times.

Terms & Conditions

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