Special Speaker Session: Leslie Barry of Sportsbet

Special Speaker Session: Leslie Barry of Sportsbet

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What You Will Learn

  • What does innovation mean for a sports betting company?
  • How does Sportsbet work with startups?
  • Which technologies will shape the future of Sports wagering?


Who is Sportsbet?

Sportsbet is an online sports betting company that is part of the publicly listed Paddy Power Group. Sportsbet is a successful, dynamic, fast growing, fast moving e-commerce business, with just over 600 team members. Sportsbet is investing heavily in mobile technology, as well as focusing on growing the business by developing new products, platforms, markets and channels. The company has turnover of around $5b and has 2m registered customers, with 80% of those transacting via mobile every month. As well as investing substantially in our products, we invest significantly in data and marketing. Paddy Power itself is a 10b Euro listed gambling entity with its principal operations in UK, France, Ireland and Australia.


Leslie Barry heads up Sportsbet Innovation to understand what technologies and products will impact the wagering industry in the next three years.  We work with startups and early stage companies to source innovative solutions to real customer problems. We're happy to take some risk and give you access to our customers and scale where it makes sense for you and us.

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