Lunch and Learn: Privacy for Startups

Lunch and Learn: Privacy for Startups

About This Event

What You Will Learn

  • Simple tips for good privacy practice
  • Privacy regulations that apply to start-ups
  • Other laws relating to personal information management that might apply to your start-up.



Over 60% of customers have decided not to deal with an organisation due to concerns about how their personal information will be used — so if you own or are thinking of creating a start-up business understanding good privacy practices is vital

Following on from the release of their privacy for startups resources, the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) is holding a seminar to educate start-ups on how to get privacy right from the beginning. 

Australian Information and Privacy Commissioner, Timothy Pilgrim, will discuss privacy-by-design, startups and the Privacy Act 1988 and real life examples of when privacy management has gone wrong.


Speaker: Timothy Pilgrim 

Mr Timothy Pilgrim is the Australian Information Commissioner and Australian Privacy Commissioner. Timothy has been Australian Privacy Commissioner since 2010 and was Acting Australian Information Commissioner from 2015. Prior to this, Timothy was the Deputy Privacy Commissioner from 1998 to 2010. Timothy has made a significant contribution to the field of privacy in Australia.

His achievements include involvement in developing the private sector provisions of the Privacy Act 1988, which included widespread consultation with community, business and government organisations. Before joining the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, Timothy held senior management positions in a range of Australian Government agencies, including the Small Business Program within the Australian Taxation Office and the Child Support Agency.

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