What to Wear When You’re a Pear

What’s hot this season? Dressing for your body type - and it just got more fun

Creativity 4 min read Jan 31, 2020
What to Wear When You’re a Pear

All those clothes in your closet, but do they spark joy? Well, you can take a page from Marie Kondo’s book and cut your wardrobe in half willy-nilly. Or you can get smart fashion advice straight from the experts. Whether you have a pear body shape, an apple body shape, or an hourglass body shape - even if you’ve been struggling to get the perfect clothes with the perfect fit - Fashion by Foot founders Donna Cameron and Briar Jasper-Batson can help you find a style that will work best on you.

Because guess what, there is no ideal or perfect body shape. The key to looking good all the time is to identify your body type and learn how to pick out clothes that will complement it. For example, if you have a tiny waist and hips wider than your shoulders, you’re probably a pear shape. You’ll often see pear-type celebs like Kim Kardashian West or Rihanna wearing something with a little more volume on top to try to balance it out.

Another famous pear shape, Beyoncé creates the illusion of evenness by drawing attention to her shoulders and cinching the ensemble with a belt.

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At their Melbourne fashion and styling classes, Donna and Briar will not only show you how to choose the right outfits but also introduce you to the city’s best independent designers of ethically and sustainably produced wear. Now, that’s style with sense and purpose!

Join Fashion by Foot for the full tour, lunch, and some bubbly - it’s the perfect way to spend Saturday arvo with your squad! And now that you’ll be wearing only what looks fantastic on you, you can go ahead and declutter your closet KonMari style. Minimalists and op-shops will love you for it!

Lastly, some fast tips for the DIY fashionistas out there:

If you’re in Melbourne, there’s a sewing class to suit any skill or level, whether you’re already an expert, in need of private lessons, or maybe just starting from scratch.

Found something gorg on Kim K. or RiRi on your Insta feed? With some basic sewing knowledge, you can copy a woven garment you love. Or maybe you can make your own kimono (because every girl needs one and it goes with anything, obvs). And the best advice of all: No outfit will look right without the proper support bra. 😉 Yep, you can DIY them, too.

If you’re in Sydney, you’ll find a sewing class for your needs, also - even if you think you don’t know the first thing about sewing! Kids are also welcome.

And for you who will only wear something you made yourself, you can add a special touch to your fashion illustrations. Melbourne’s own Vanessa Vanderhaven is teaching this class - something to get very excited about, makers of Sydney!