9 DIY Funny Tees To Make Dad LOL

Dads sure love their lame jokes. That’s why DIY gag T-shirts make cool Father's Day gifts, and nowhere are they easier to find than on this list.

Creativity 8 min read Aug 29, 2022
9 DIY Funny Tees To Make Dad LOL

Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to make your dad laugh. So in honour of his special day, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite funny tees that would be tight on a classic dad bod – and so easy and inexpensive to make, if you want to learn the art of screen printing!

If he’s a fan of puns – let’s face it, what dad isn’t? – these are guaranteed winners.

9 Funny Tees to Gift Dad on Father’s Day

These nine funny message shirts will make dad’s day with their novelty and cheeky cuteness. Whether your dad is into retro video games, comic books, or loud farts, he will get a kick out of one of these tees.

#9 Always Be You Unless You Can Be Batman

Is your dad a fan of Batman? If he can’t get enough of the movies, graphic novels, animated series, and superhero merch, then this tee will definitely make him smile. While your father may not be able to save Gotham City, he’ll be dead chuffed to show off his love for The Dark Knight and feel like Bruce Wayne in this comfy shirt.

This is an excellent present for the dad who loves to tell stories about how he would have made a superb caped crusader, if Batman were real… Wait, he isn’t real?!

#8 Chillin’ Like A Villain

And speaking of comic book heroes, what’s Batman without the Joker, Harry without Voldemort, Luke without Darth Vader… you get the idea.

If your dad is more anti-hero than hero and likes his protagonists teetering on the dark side, we bet this tank top will make him snicker. He will love the humour behind the design and wear it proudly! It’s bound to earn a grin when he sees it hanging in his closet.

#7 You’ll Need A Bigger Boat

Whether he actually owns a boat or is just a vintage film buff, he’ll love this nod to “Jaws”.

Pair this shirt with a fishing pole or tackle box to make the gift complete. It’s the ultimate surprise for fathers who love the outdoors and spending hours out in the open waters, especially for those who have to deal with some stress at work and are desperate for some much-needed peace and quiet.

#6 Hurt Me Plenty

This baseball tee is a topnotch idea for dads who love to play video games and don’t mind a little friendly competition. If he grew up in the ‘80s and ‘90s, this shirt is a great gift and reminder of all the fun he and his mates had playing on their Nintendos.

Whether your dad is a gamer or not, it’s a nice opening for him to show off his knowledge of retro arcade games. Because there’s no school like the old school.

#5 I Don’t Need Google. My Wife Knows Everything.

Aussie dads can be flippant AF sometimes. So if dad is constantly saying things like “my wife would know what to do” or “my wife would know how to fix this”, let him know that mums ARE the boss and this shirt says so.

This is also a superb gift for the dad who likes to brag about how smart his wife is and how she does everything better than any search engine could. It’s funny, because it’s true! Am I right, mums? And don’t you forget it, dads!

#4 Beer is Proof God Loves Us

Beer me! Whether your dad is a beer lover or a beer snob, we’re sure he’ll agree this shirt is a flawless fit. What better top to wear the next time he throws a BBQ and enjoys a good drink outside with his buddies on a hot summer day.

This tee says it all in a funny, lighthearted way. Because as every guy’s guy knows, beer makes everything better. Yep, even shirts!

#3 I Only Trust My Dog

If there’s one thing we all know about dogs, it’s that they are the best friends anyone could ever ask for. That’s why this punny ‘I Only Trust My Dog’ hoodie is perfect for dads who love their pets more than anything – and we mean anything – in the world! It’s just a chic way to let everyone know how much he loves the family pooch.

And if a dad doesn’t have a dog, go and get him one. Immediately! It’s sure to bring out some tee-hees from fellow dog lovers when he wears it around town.

#2 I Forgot To Go To The Gym Today

Is dad bod the new six-pack? Totally relatable for the erstwhile gym-goer who likes to crack jokes about his fitness routine (or the lack of it).

This tank top is a cosy gift for the dad who hates working out but loves to laugh out loud. It’s just the thing if you want to give him a gentle nudge when he is constantly complaining about his beer gut, err, his clothes shrinking for no good reason! The washing machine must be busted.

And finally…

#1 World’s Greatest Farter

Is Super Troopers his favourite movie of all time? If so, your father is probably a savage prankster who loves to clown around with you while wearing this exact shirt. It comes with a ROFL guarantee for dads who can fart on command.

It’s also your own way of showing him that you’re a good sport and appreciate his weird, gross sense of humour, even when he displays it in front of your friends just to embarrass you. Make him feel like the king of comedy and let everyone know that you love him, anyway – farts, warts, and all.

Dads are funny and dads are awesome. They’re larger than life and funny enough to rival the best stand-up comic, or at least, they like to think so. What better way to remind your dad that he’s a badass than with a fun message tee?

Didn’t find his favourite dad joke on this list? Then bust out your creativity and learn how to make a custom t-shirt yourself!

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