Dance with Born to Boogie! 12 Week Dance Course (YARRAVILLE - MONDAYS)


Dance In Our Next Show!

If you've totally missed your calling as a professional dancer, or have a secret desire to dance on stage with a bunch of other professional amateur dancers, or would even like to stretch your comfort zone more, then Born to Boogie Dance Connection is perfect for you! 

Twice a year, at the end of our 12 week semester, our Born to Boogie Dancers strut their stuff on stage and show case their work to their invited guests. A night out for all at a licensed venue, our dance-off performance shows are a celebration of dance, fun, joy, life and the unleashing of the inner performer. There's nothing like the feeling of performing!  Nerves, excitement, as well as the thrill of the experience, make it absolutely addictive!


  • You love to dance
  • You are intrigued or excited about the idea of dancing in a show
  • You'd like to stretch your comfort zone
  • You love costumes
  • You want to unleash your inner show off
  • You want your 5 mins of fame (you get more than 5 mins ;)
  • You love a challenge
  • You want to live more of your passion
  • You want to find more courage
  • You want more fun in your week
  • You want to feel the thrill of performing on stage
  • You want to get fit doing something fun
  • You want to experience this with your friends
  • You want to achieve a dream of being in a show
  • You want to shine on stage!

Yarraville Class: MONDAYS 6pm at Kindred Studios, Yarraville

Semester starts Monday 14TH August 2017 - Monday 30th October 2017. Please note there will be no classes on Monday 11th and 18th September due to your teacher being away.  Your classes will be made up prior or just after those dates to ensure you get your 12 classes.

Performance show will be on the 10th or 11th November

Classes run for 1 hour (sometimes we go longer)

Only 17 spots available per class.


$290 for the semester OR save $30 each when you join with your friends! ($270 for returning students).

Only 20% deposit to book your spot

Bookings Essential 

Please be sure to check your email once booked. You will receive a booking confirmation email with important further info for your classes.

Full Money Back Guarantee:

We are so confident that you will love your experience of dancing in a show that, if by the end of the program and your performance you feel that you did not enjoy the program at all, we will refund your tuition. Refunds can only be given after you have performed in the show.  Please note that no other refunds will be given.

Feel free to contact us for any questions.

Here's what some of our recent participants have said...

"Tennille Chambers!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for creating this wonderful program. Last night I danced on stage for the first time and it's something I've always dreamed of doing since I could probably move! These past 12 weeks I've learnt so much about how when you combine something you love with commitment and fun really beautiful things can happen! Thanks for creating a space for so many of us to shine. I loved every minute of it. xoxoxoxoxo"

"My Born to Boogie Dance Connection experience has made me realise that dancing HAS to be a regular part of my life, and also that I want to do more performing, lots more! Yay!"

"Hi Tennille,I just wanted to say thank you to you whilst xanadu was still whirring around in my head. What a crazy fun night. I never thought I could do it and in the end I think I fluffed the second song but to be honest I was just happy not to have a full blown panic attack. What I have learned from this is I'm not as much of a scaredy cat as I thought I was which was a surprise. You did a fantastic job of pulling us all together and made it fun!"

"Hi Tennille, thank you for organising this wonderful and fun program from the start to the finish last night. During the 12 weeks I found myself looking forward to Mondays (shock!) met great, fun people. Had a blast at the party afterwards. So glad I found the Born to Boogie Dance Connection poster at my local supermarket and (was temporarily out of my mind to sign up). However sign me up again for the next semester! Look forward to it :-)"

"Hi Tennille, Thanks so much. I have to admit I am missing the dancing a bit! I am so pleased I stuck it out to the end. I still can't believe how well it all came together; your amazing teaching and encouragement! And you are right, it was a buzz being on the stage...at least by the second dance I was more relaxed! Thanks again so much for an incredible experience!"

Watch our videos of recent performances here: https://www.facebook.com/BornToBoogieDanceConnection/videos

As you can see, this is so much more than just dance classes :)

Come dance with us! 

Tennille xx


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What you will learn
  • Your dance routines for the show
  • That you are braver than you think ;)
  • How amazing it feels to perform on stage!
What you will get
  • 12 weekly 1 hour dance classes (learn your dance routines for the show).
  • Private Facebook group access, here you can view class routine videos for practice, connect with your groove-mates, share ideas for costumes for your show, stay in touch with class news. Plus we don't want to spoil the surprise for the show!
  • A night to perform in our amazing shows at a licensed venue, created for you and your guests, plus after party
  • Professional videos of your performance so you can remember your night forever!
  • Become a Born to Boogie Dancer!
  • SAVE $30 each when you join with your friends! (Your friends must be new students only)
  • So much more that just dance classes!

What to bring
  • Bring a friend for discounts.
  • Drinking water
What to wear

Active wear, Dance wear, Whatever you like wear (clothing comfortable to dance in - lycra welcome)

Appropriate for


Born to Boogie Dance Connection, a Melbourne dance school for adult dance-lovers, was created to give adults the opportunity to dance and perform for the fun of it.

We stand for Fun, Joy & Self Expression through dance. Our dance classes in Melbourne currently run in Yarraville, Prahran, St Kilda, Hampton & Mordialloc.

Get Me On That Stage...

"Get Me On That Stage" is our signature 12 week dance program which culminates in a super-fun performance show for adults at any dance level.  Beginners very welcome. If you've ever dreamed of dancing in a show (or the idea intrigues or excites you), then this is perfect for you!

Dance brings so much fun and joy to many individuals and performing adds an extra buzz and undescribable feeling that cannot be matched. Classes are aimed at the beginner to intermediate level dancer and the focus is on fun and the joy of dance, not perfection of technique. 

Many of our past students have given us raving testimonials of how much they enjoyed this program and their performance.  Click on the courses below to see what they shared about their experience. We'd love to have you join us so get in touch for any questions at all.


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Cancellation & Refund Policy

Full Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will love your experience of dancing that if by the end of the program you feel that you did not enjoy the program at all, we will refund your tuition. Refunds will only be given after you have completed the full program.

*Please note that no other refunds will be given.

Feel free to contact us for any questions.

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05 November 2017 • Dance with Born to Boogie! 12 Week Dance Course...

Great instructor and really high energy. Loved the classes I attended.


31 May 2017 • Dance with Born to Boogie! 12 Week Dance Course...

I'm really enjoying the classes. Our teacher is absolutely fabulous and incredibly patient. This was my first class, but I'm coming back for more!