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Every organisation and every sector has them. Everyone wants to solve them. So what does it take to find the creative solutions to complex problems? Come and learn how to navigate problems that are interconnected and interrelated through the effective process of design thinking. Participants will use creative tasks to help develop an open mindset to understanding problems. You will experience a method for choosing the right problem to solve, generating ideas around it and create simple initial prototypes that you can begin to gather feedback on straight away. Design thinking is a proven methodology for breaking down complex problems to find creative solutions through a process of prototyping. It is a process used not just for designing new business ventures or products and services, but has also been used to address complex social challenges and human-centred systems.

An overview of what Design Thinking is, why it's effective and an introduction to the different stages of Design Thinking, includes -

Immersion - mapping a problem through observation, empathy, and data

Synthesis - pattern finding and making new connections

Ideation - driving and filtering creative ideas

Prototyping - forming a pitch; iterating and scaling the solution

Feedforward - finding channels to drive strong feedback for further growth.

Group Bookings

  • Contact the team at or (03) 9996 1257 to enquire about group bookings. 


  • Collective Campus (Level 1, 20 Queen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000)


  • Full day workshop, Wednesday 16 September - 9am to 4pm.

About The Instructor

Hamish is based in NoTosh Australia's branch, working not just across education, but bringing a renowned expertise to libraries and cultural institutions across Australia and overseas.

His consultancy work uses processes like design thinking to challenge and explore the mindsets, skillets, and toolsets of various education cultures and networks across a number of sectors. This includes work with Catholic Education Offices, State and School Library organisations, and organisations like QGC, Arts Centre Melbourne, the Royal Children’s Hospital and Google.

Hamish was formerly the Education Manager at the State Library of Victoria for nearly 7 years, where he developed many successful learning programs for education and public audiences alike. His also spent nearly 7 years in designing and managing a Year 9 Campus in Melbourne, which provided him with a wealth of insights around student engagement. He has also been a teacher in broad and challenging learning environments in the UK and Japan. With NoTosh he has already organised Do Lectures Australia to critical acclaim and helped run Startup Weekend Education Melbourne. When not working on his next schemes, Hamish enjoys playing games, snowboarding, and making the most of family time.

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Class Schedule

Full day workshop, Wednesday 16 September - 9am to 4pm.

What you will learn
  • How to solve complex problems
  • How to ask good questions
  • How to design and iterate a solution
What you will get
  • The opportunity to develop an open mindset with range of people
  • Materials on the design thinking process
  • A range of proven, highly effective processes/activities that you can use in your organisation
  • A completed solution to a problem (in the form of a drawn prototype) that you can discuss and share in your organisation

What to bring
  • Pad & Pen
  • The right side of your brain
What to wear

Anything from suits and ties to jeans and Chuck Taylors! Innovation isn't dependent on dresscode.


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