Collective Campus

Collective Campus

Melbourne, VIC

Crowdfunding Masterclass

What to Bring

  • Notebook and pen
  • The right side of your brain

What to Wear

  • Completely up to you!

Crowdfunding Masterclass

About This Class

What You Will Learn

  • How to run a successful crowdfunding campaign
  • How to build a runway for your project so it gets funded quickly
  • What common mistakes to avoid


Crowdfunding can take a mere idea into the stratosphere. Some of the world’s most famous products have been the result of crowdfunding - the Oculus Rift, Pebble Watch and Ouya are just some examples of successful crowdfunding campaigns. However, behind all successful crowdfunded projects, there's a lot of preparation. Teams often prepare for more than 6 months before the start of their campaign to ensure success.  Collective Campus will be hosting a masterclass that'll go through everything you need to know about running a crowdfunding campaign.  During this masterclass, you will learn 

  • What goes into the pre-campaign preparation phase 
  • How to get your project funded within week-1
  • How to secure PR for your project
  • How to know if your product is a winner
  • What to do during your campaign to maximise your funding 
  • What post-campaign life is like 

Who will be running the masterclass?

Shayan Namdarian from Winston Watches. Winston Watches was successfully funded in July, 2015, raising over $47,400 with a target of $15,000. Learn how Winston Watches managed to get off to a flying start, becoming funded after just one day. 

Pozible - An Australian crowdfunding platform, responsible for launching over 10,000 projects. Learn from thousands of successful (and failed projects). 

What To Bring

  • Just yourself! Although if you have an idea you're working on, make sure you bring that soon! 

Dress Code

  • Anything from suits and ties to jeans and Chuck Taylors!
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