Packaging; Kegging, Canning and Bottling Private Booking
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Packaging; Kegging, Canning and Bottling

Starting a Brewery; Packaging

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We are offering this consultancy package as the fourth step in setting up your microbrewery or pub brewery.

You would have brewed your first beer, fermented and clarified,  and carbonated it, ready to put it into a keg, bottle or can.  

If you followed all the previous steps (packages 1-3) you would have your beer ready for a longer shelf-life and it will be consistently brewed.

Now you will be ready to package the beer and we will show you how in your brewery.

Now, this is the trickiest part because all your hard work to get it to this stage can be quickly undone if you stop paying particular attention to minimising dissolved oxygen (D.O)  in the package! At this stage the greatest amount of D.O can be taken up so this is the lynch pin to high quality!

We will advise what equipment for packaging is suitable and even how to measure the D.O. for peace of mind. Proceduraly,  we will show you how to do this properly while reducing beer losses.

We have done this before in breweries we have run and have achieved real shelf life of 12 months. Unheard of in smaller microbreweries in the early 2000's.

This could save you your business because the rest of the brewing community is catching up and you need to stay ahead of the curve.

Recalls are costly as one well know brewer said,

"Recalls are costly and a national recall from Dan Murphy's and Vintage cellars may cost in excess of $12,000, so that would buy me an D.O meter."

You can also do the package on Quality control called Quality Control and Protocols  which complements this section really well.

Why Choose Us?

We are capable of helping our clients  to a higher level because we believe to have the right stuff to get you to brewing good, consistent beer from day 1 of the opening of your brewery. Below are the reasons we believe we can achieve this. All you have to do is be a good learner and willing to take our advice;

Many decades of brewing and management experience

–Have run businesses successfully since 1980

–Have post-graduate scientific background

–Have commercially brewed AND conducted quality control since 1986

-Walk the talk, have run operations of a microbrewery as Head Brewer

–Have unique specialised knowledge in consistency and design

–Have helped brewers start their own microbreweries since 2007

Please Note that price is exclusive of GST.

Welcome aboard to the best possible advice and help in the industry!

Together we can achieve greatness.

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What you will learn

  • How to keep D.O out of your beer to increase shelf-life
  • How to package beer and minimise losses
  • Setting up to fill kegs

What you will get

  • up to 3 days of onsite learning and we show you how and why
  • Cleaning and filling kegs... a tricky business
  • Long shelf life is mandatory and we show you how

What to bring

  • brewing knowledge

What to wear


Appropriate for

Entrepreneur starting a brewery

Costanzo Brewing

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Costanzo Brewing Consultants’ (CBC) mission is to assist micro brewers and home brewers to improve their skills and knowledge, and, by using good brewing practices, brew quality beers on a consistent basis. Its main mission is to impart accurate knowledge, and assist transition to all grain brewing for the novice microbrewer. In essence, the growth of the micro-brewing industry depends on the passion of home brewers some of whom ultimately move into the commercial scene. It is the mission, therefore, of CBC to assist with this transition which ultimately results in a vibrant and growing industry.

So in order to produce better beer you will need to consider better brewing techniques. We provide knowledge by providing home brewing courses, sourcing of appropriate equipment,analytical expertise, training of brewers and troubleshooting services.

To assist producing great beer Costanzo Brewing Consultants has sourced cost effective, high quality brewery and micro brewery equipment including brewhouse, cellar tanks and fermenters, laboratory and ancillary equipment. We also help develop beer recipes and set up brewing laborotories and even liase with contract brewers.

So catch the current wave of growth in the craft brewing industry and learn how you can be part of it.

Live the dream!

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