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Brazilian Samba carnival season workshop!

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This workshop is inspired by the Rio carnival, described as the greatest show on earth.  The highlight of carnival is the Samba Schools’ Parade (Desfile das Escolas de Samba) that takes place in the Sambadrome each February showcasing the culture, the music, the energia (energy) and alegria (joy) of Samba. This Brazilian Samba workshop focusses on the fundamental samba steps, footwork and small combinations for freestyle. As classically trained dance teacher, Louise will teach you the basics of performance presence, styling and technique to unleash your inner samba queen. The workshop designed to be fun, creative and energetic that will enable you to boost your confidence while performing or parading. The workshop is open to anyone and everyone at different levels.

What to wear
Stretchy dance gear or comfortable exercise wear. Basically you need something that won’t limit your range of motion. For shoes it is best to wear sneakers or dance shoes without heels. You can also dance barefeet even though you will lack a bit of support. Bring extra clothes for after the class and bring some water because you will sweat.

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What you will learn
  • Fundamental samba steps & footwork
  • Learn small combinations to boost your confidence with freestyling
  • Parading technique
What you will get
  • Boost your ability to perform samba and parade!

What to bring
  • Water
What to wear

Stretchy dance gear or comfortable exercise wear. You can wear sneakers with a smooth soul or dance shoes with heels

Appropriate for

Girls who love to have fun!


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05 March 2018 • Brazilian Samba carnival season workshop!

Such a fun workshop! I thoroughly enjoyed watching Louise share her passion for the Brazilian Carnival culture. She empowered us all to unleash our inner goddess and just go for it with our Samba. Those who attended the workshop were at all different levels with their Samba but Louise was equally enthusiast about seeing each and everyone of us dance to our full potential. It was so helpful learning new combinations to add to our Samba repertoire for future free styling performances. So much fun getting our 'parading' on as well. Got me excited for future performances!