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CBD Sunday Sessions Flamenco & Spanish Dance

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Classes with Tamayo y Hernandez

June 25th

July 16th

Registrations open now for Sunday Sessions.

1.5 hours of classes in Flamenco, Contemporary, Spanish folk, Escuela Bolera, Castanets

World class tuition in a nurturing learning environment.

Marina's driving passion is in the training of students for performance, educate the community in the Spanish and Flamenco art forms and dedicates her time providing career paths for visiting professionals in teaching, training, and private coaching. Describing herself as a multidisciplinary artist, Marina encourages all her students to study with many other artists, teachers, choreographers throughout the world, acknowledging that in the arts each teacher has something special, unique about their style, knowledge, and understanding of the art of dance, flamenco. For this reason, Tamayo offers classes with international artists on a regular basis. 

FA is a fast growing company that embraces the philosophy of open-learning. Classes are designed with a constructivists approach to learning, tapping into each's current abilities as the starting point for growth. The class philosophy embraces diversity, sharing of knowledge, aspiring the young and young at heart for beginners, and professionals with equal care and respect.

Marina identifies flamenco teaching as not about modulating the individual, to be the same as another, but to find the voice of the inner soul and craft it, so it can not only communicate but to connect with others while maintaining uniqueness and giving the person freedom to express. The magic of flamenco art.

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What you will learn
  • Techinque
  • Knowledge
  • Mastery
What you will get
  • Empowerment
  • Support
  • Development

What to bring
  • Professional Flamenco attire
What to wear

Professional Flamenco attire

Appropriate for

Flamenco dancers all ages from 12 years old


Flamenco Australia

Vendor since 2016

Flamenco Australia™ has been operating in NSW  for 23 years. It operates across Australia, promoting Spanish culture through dance and music. There are regular classes offered in Mosman,  CBD of Sydney City, South Hobart, Melbourne and Adelaide.  Also,  FA is an agency representing Professional Flamenco artists in Dance & Music for Theatre, Film, Festivals, Corporate & Special Events, Fashion Shows, and Television worldwide.

Flamenco Australia™ boasts Australia's premiere flamenco performance group. Under heavy demand, the troupe  consists of professional flamenco artists and invited guests from Spain to perform as Flamenco del Mar and Hernandez Tamayo Spanish Dance theatre with Directors Aitor Sanzano and Marina Tamayo.

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Cancellation & Refund Policy

There are no refunds offered once the course has started however you may make any class missed within the same month. Please note make up classes do not follow into the next month. Please do not ask me 3 months after.

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