Graham Hay

Graham Hay

Perth, WA

2017 Pottery and Sculpture: Fri: 9:30am-12noon

What to Bring

  • Bring any drawings or pictures might have, or image you like on your smart phone you (optional).

What to Wear

  • An old towel to dry your hands, old shirt or comfortable clothes, as you may get messy. Covered shoes are necessary as this is a working studio.

2017 Pottery and Sculpture: Fri: 9:30am-12noon

About This Class

Class Schedule

  • This class takes place on Friday 9:30-12noon.

What You Will Learn

  • How to make your work, by simple, short, incremental steps, at your own pace.
  • How to select and develop an idea and process, suitable to your own confidence and skill.
  • How to progressively master both traditional and contemporary clay techniques.

What You Get

  • Try before you buy: pay only for the first class. Decide at that class how many lessons you want (generous discounts).
  • New, and increased; knowledge, skill and confidence with clay.
  • You receive your own free 10 kg bag of soft clay, and use of studio tools and equipment.
  • Free parking, tea and real coffee.
  • Welcomed into a supportive community of similar, like minded students and artists.
  • Greater creativity and a more relaxed, balanced perspective on life. You start classes when you are ready, and pause and resume when it suits you (just let us know before the class starts).


Expert and experienced tuition

Graham Hay has taught these classes since 1998.

Only one or two new students join each class group at a time.

This is to ensures they receive greater support and encouragement from the teacher and other students, compared to a large class of just beginners.

All teaching will be customised to suit your personal background and preferences, so you can learn and make what interests you, at your own pace.

See below a very short video of beginners and long term students.


As an incentive to improve, for over 15 years I have recorded good and bad reviews of my 200+ workshops here.

Or find other reviews via Googling: reviews "Perth Pottery and Sculpture Classes" which will give you some idea of your likely experience and my teaching.

To ensure you are absolutely happy, I urge new students to buy and attend their first lesson, BEFORE buying more lessons.

Small, highly individual classes

The classes are small, with a weekly average over the year of 6 students per class.

No more than two new students start each week in each class, so they and the regular students receive plenty of individual assistance.

This also means that you, regardless of your level of experience, are looked after and made most welcome.

You will receive timely instruction and advise whenever you require it.

Incermental expert advise means you can work at your own pace.

Because of this individual expert instruction, all students may pause and resume their attendance on any week (subject to space in the class) for any reason (health, work, family, holiday, travel etc). Just text or emails before the class starts, including the date you prefer to return to class). 

This means attending students are healthy, happy and a relaxed atmosphere.

This also creates socially dynamic classes, with students appearing, disappearing and then re-appearing week by week.

As no two students make the same work, you can also learn also from fellow students, and the other studio artists.  

Based upon your individual preferences, confidence, prior skills and knowledge, Graham introduces simple steps for you to create your work.

Many students comment on how they enjoy the classes being held within an open plan studio with friendly professional artists working around them.

The relaxed, professional environment is enhanced by the light filled, high ceiling studio, within a beautiful inner-city park.

Try before you buy more lessons 

Once you have booked online and paid for the first lesson and clay (total of $144), you will receive email confirmation of receipt of your payment, your starting date, and directions to the studio.

What happens in your first class

Only one or two new students join a class group at the same time, so you receive plenty of assistance during your first lesson.

Small classes (annual average 6 students per class).

After a quick tour of the studio, we will discuss and jointly decide on a suitable starting point and technique.

This will be based upon your experience, or lack of experience, with clay, and your personal preferences and tastes.

This is a hands on class, so you will learn by doing.

During the first lesson decide if you wish to continue with further lessons.

Pay during your first lesson for as many lessons you want to attend, and receive the Beginner Discount, as well as Bulk Discounts. See options below.

Beginner discount

If you purchase further lessons during the first lesson you receive an immediate $114 discount (e.g.: 12 lessons is $842 - $114 paid = $728 outstanding, with 11 lessons remaining, i.e. a $44 savings on your first lesson). This initial discount only applies if further lessons are purchased during the first lesson).

This initial discount only applies if further lessons are purchased during the first lesson.

Bulk discount  

To ensure new students receive plenty of expert assistance, while recognising that long term students contribute to the studio and classes in many ways.

To enable students to purchase a variety of bundles of lessons, to suit their personal circumstances.

Once enrolled and prepaid lessons, you may pause and resume your attendance at any time (due to health, holidays, travel, work, family etc), and change classes, provided you text or email before the lesson AND always include a new return date (and there is space in the class).

New students are urged to read first "Try before you buy"  (just above).

  2017 Fees

number          cost              (average $/class)

1                    114               114​

6                   536                 89​

8                   658                 82

10                 742                 74​

12                 842                 70

​15                 977                 65

18              1,028                 57

21              1,136                 54

25              1,277                 51

30              1,442                 48

35             1,542                  44

EFTPOS and all major credit cards accepted.

Lessons bought in one year can be used in future years, eg: lessons purchased in 2016 are valid also in 2017 & 2018.

Class day and times

Wednesday:       12 noon - 2.30pm              

Wednesday:       6 pm - 8.30 pm                    

Friday:                9:30 am - 12 noon               

Saturday:           1pm - 3:30pm                      

Click on and check here that a class is currently running (see notes next to class times)


A Creative Space.

The classes (est 1998) are held in the Robertson Park Artists Studio (est 2000) located in the southern half of Robertson Park, Perth, Western Australia.

The studio is a spacious, light-filled space, leased from the City of Vincent by a group of professional artists. Annual Studio Newsletter.


Free coffee/tea, use of clay tools, and parking.$30 per bag of clay.Credits are transferable but not generally refundable (this does not diminish your statutory rights).Ask for a senior discount of 15 %, on Wednesday and Friday daytime classes only.Lessons bought in 2016 are also valid in 2017 (and 2017 in 2018, etc), subject to the class rules below.

Common sense, rules:

Courtesy Saves:

If you can't attend any class, your lesson credit is only protected (ie "rolled over") if you

a) email or text me before the lesson, AND

b) provide a specific "date of return to class".

To keep track of a large floating student population, and prevent classes becoming too big or small.

What happens if I don’t? If you do not do both things, your balance will decline each week until I hear from you. When your balance reached zero, your shelve will be cleared (to make space for new students) and all clay recycled. If you let me know of your returning date, via email/text (to avoid the Penalty, include a return date), lessons can be repeatedly rolled over for up to 2 years.

​2. Similarly, if you are returning to classes after a prolonged absence, please contact me well before to ensure a place is reserved for you.

3. You can change which day and time you attend classes, and even attend more than one lesson per week, provided you have first check with me, that there is space in the classes.

4. Likely to be away for more than two months? You will need to take your clay and creations home (so to make space for new students, and to encourage you to keep making at home). Upon your return a space will be again made available for you.

5. Gift Vouchers must be used within 12 months of date of purchase. If you need an extension, please contact me via email a month before expiry date. No extensions will be approved after 12 months of date of purchase.

6. Want more information? Just ask.

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"What a great pottery class." Graham Hay's pottery and sculpture classes are perfect for anyone who wants to "work in clay". Graham is a very experienced and creative teacher who has that unique quality of being able to bring out the the best in his students. The classes, which are held in the Roberston Park studio, are flexible, relaxed and enjoyable, and we work alongside artists creating their own art works. I am now embarking on my 3rd year and have no hesitation in recommending Graham to anyone who is interested in working with paper clay. Pros: Helpful, Encouraging, Smart, Patient, Fun, Good communicator How was this location?: Awesome How was the price?: Great value