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Mosaic, Glass Fusing and Craft Holiday Program

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2.5 hours
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Merryl’s Mosaics & Glass Studio is a mosaic, glass fusing and craft hub and is a Hot Spot during School Holidays. 4 activities available: Mosaic, Bead Mosaic, Flowers and Bling Mosaic and Glass Fusing. Creative, fun holiday program for girls and boys. From 4 years +. 

We run Holiday Sessions throughout school holidays. We have two time slots daily - 10am - 12.30pm or 1.30pm - 4pm or kids can stay the day. If you would like to book your children in for multiple days they can work on larger, more detailed projects.

These are wonderful activities to do with your children/grandchildren. Adults are welcome to stay and make their own piece or to stay with your children and help. Children under 5 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. 

Prices for the first 3 activities include 1 template. If your child finishes quickly and would like to make another, the additional cost will be $9 per extra piece.

All participants are fully supported and we provide assistance and advice to ensure that everyone creates a piece that they are proud of. The outcome is wonderful and kids feel a great sense of achievement.

Come and give it a go! Your child will love it!

For groups of 4 or more, larger discounts apply. Please contact us for special group bookings. Ph: 0425761914. 

Sessions to choose from are:

1. Mosaic Session (for 7+ years)  

2. Kids' Bead Mosaic Session (for 4+ years) 

3. Kids' Flowers and Bling Mosaic Session (for 6+ years) 

4. Glass Fusing Session (for 10+ years) 

1. Mosaic Session (for 7+ years)  

This is a hands-on activity where kids create a mosaic from beginning to end and take it home. Making a mosaic is a very therapeutic, relaxing, creative and fun experience. Starting with choosing a template from many gorgeous choices (eg. pineapples, unicorns, cupcakes, cats, letters of the alphabet and many many more), then choosing from a gorgeous array of coloured glass and beads, kids learn to cut their tiles and then stick them onto their template. Lastly they grout their piece and take it home.

Most suitable for 7 years plus (6 year olds may make a mosaic but they will not be able to cut their own tiles so a parent/adult should stay at the beginning to help. Alternatively they can make a bead mosaic without parent supervision - see below.)

2. Kids' Bead Mosaic Holiday Session (for 4+ years) 

Using gorgeous beads, and a huge range of templates, children create "mosaics" using beads in a fun and artistic environment. I literally hear squeals of delight from small children mesmerized by the glitz, colour and satisfaction of their artwork.

This activity begins with you choosing a template (we have a very wide range including picture frames, love hearts, rainbows, pineapples, letters of the alphabet, unicorns, flowers and much more); then painting the template and then designing and sticking gorgeous beads onto your template to create your design.

This activity is targeted at 4 - 7 year olds although many older people enjoy this activity.  

This is a beautiful experience to do with your child. Children under 5 are to be accompanied by an adult.

Children will complete their piece and take it home.

3. Kids' Flowers and Bling Mosaic Session (for 6+ years)

This is a great craft activity suitable for people from 6 years plus. Using the most beautiful array of blingy beads, sequins, polymer clay flowers and sparkly mosaic glass tiles, and a choice of a huge range of templates, create floral glass art mosaics in a fun and artistic environment. This activity begins with you choosing a template of your choice (we have a very wide range including picture frames, love hearts, hamsa's, pineapples, letters of the alphabet, unicorns, flowers and much more); then painting the template in a colour that will be a background to the colour group you choose for your beads/flowers/tiles. Then cut and stick shiny glass tiles as a border, and fill the piece with an array of beads and flowers. The result is very beautiful and fit to be framed and hung in your home.

Children will complete their piece and take it home.

4. Glass Fusing Session (for 10+ years)

Usually glass art is a complex and expensive activity. However at Merryl's Mosaics, we have come up with a design technique that is simple, fun and affordable and produces beautiful results. This activity brings a typically high end art craft to the public.

Fusing glass is when you take a base piece of glass, put a glass design of your choice on it, and then fire the 2 layers of glass into one piece. The firing takes place in a kiln which is like an oven for glass. Children can make beautiful glass pieces - either flat or fired into a dish or tea-light holder. Glass fusing is an amazing and beautiful process. You will love it and be delighted with the results.

The price is inclusive of 1 piece, 17cm x 17cm in size. If your child wants to make a larger piece, or 2 pieces, there will be an additional cost which will be discussed at the time. 

Fused glass pieces will be left at the studio for firing and can be picked up approx. 10 - 14 days later. We will text you when ready.

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What you will learn
  • Depending on which activity your child chooses, they will learn to make a mosaic, or fuse glass, or to make a beautiful craft art project.
What you will get
  • Children will have a fun, crafty and creative experience in a stimulting arty environment. They will create a beautiful art piece.

What to bring
  • No need to bring anything, just come and have some creative fun!
  • You can bring a snack if you like. Bring lunch if you are staying the day.
What to wear

Casual. Closed shoes.

Appropriate for

Depending on the activity - Bead mosaic is suitable for 4 years plus; Flowers and Bling mosaic from 6 years plus, Mosaic from 7 years plus and Glass fusing from 10 years plus.

Merryl's Mosaics and Glass Studio is a mosaic and glass fusing studio where people come and learn to mosaic and fuse glass. Merryl's Mosaics is a creative, stimulating and inviting environment in which to learn, create, relax and express yourselves.

We run workshops and also have an open studio where you can come and create on an on-going basis. We also hold parties for children and adults, holiday programs and team building functions. Merryl’s Mosaics has been operating since 2008. We have taught thousands of people about the magic of mosaics!

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