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Siobhanrated it
01 Jun 2024
Have really enjoyed this course! Instruction is informal yet very clear. Alyssa takes the time to explain clearly the process and then we all get to interpret in our own way - it's great to see everyone's unique take utilising the same materials. The booklet is a great resource to have too, I've been enjoying taking what I've learnt in class to practice again at home.
Thrive Flower School 12 Jun 2024

Thank you for such a positive review, glad to hear you got a lot out of the course!

Katerated it
31 May 2024
Rating Only
Annierated it
08 Mar 2024
Completed the flower basics course at the moorabbin workshop and absolutely loved it! Alyssa is a great teacher with very good taste - and the classes were very well paced with an relaxing vibe. It was also great to see how the workshop is like & how preps are been done for events!
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About Thrive Flower School

Thrive Flower School
Member since 2021
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When you learn with Thrive Flower School, you’re choosing a sustainable school.
We work hard to reduce our environmental footprint and work with you to create a more sustainable floristry industry for the future.

Who we are 

Thrive Flower School is the recently formed authorised sister school of Bloom College, who have been delivering workshops and courses since 2013.

Thrive Flower School is lead by well known florist and sustainability advocate Alyssa Goodall, owner of Thrive Flowers and Events.

Alyssa’s teaching career began when Bloom College launched and she was head-hunted by Bloom’s founder. She has been integral to the success of Bloom College and that of its graduates. She is excited to continue training the industry’s new talent and the sustainable florists and hobbyists of the future.

Alyssa’s floristry journey began in 1997, working in retail and freelancing across Melbourne. This diverse experience in her early career helped Alyssa grow into a versatile, modern and contemporary floral designer.

In 2005, Alyssa started her first business, specialising in flowers for weddings. Later she would expand into events.

Her successful start-up eventually outgrew her home, she rebranded and moved to a studio space in Collingwood where it still operates from today as Thrive Flowers & Events. As director of this company Alyssa and her team have won numerous industry awards throughout the wedding industry and for sustainability, including the Australian Bridal Industry Awards and Australian Florist of the Year.

Highly creative, Alyssa embeds her endless inspiration, love of nature and passion for all things eco throughout the schools content.

What we do

Thrive Flower School offers courses for beginners, hobbyists, professionals or those seeking a career change.

All classes are an inclusive and inspiring place to find or further develop your own inner creativity.

As a student of Thrive Flower School you will learn cutting edge eco conscious practices and sustainability solutions at the forefront of the industry.

With a focus on elements such as but not limited to, locally grown flowers and the elimination of toxic materials like floral foam, Thrive Flower School is consistently reducing its environmental impact.

Many alternative solutions have been tried and tested in action through Alyssa’s events company, making sure they are viable as commercial practices. 

All teachers and staff at Thrive Flower School pride themselves on continuing to learn and grow as educators. Their sustainability practices and curriculum are always improving and are at the forefront of an industry wide movement. The curriculum can be described as theory that is tried, tested and proven in practice within todays current climate. You will be inspired, engaged and guided by Alyssa and her team.

The team at Thrive are also experienced in small business management and growth, selling and marketing strategies, and developing and applying techniques to remain in the leading position of industry knowledge and trends.

Our range of courses include

  • •    5 week Flowers Basics & Intermediate courses
  • •    Career Change course - 6month
  • •    Wedding and Event Intensive courses
  • •    A range of beginner to advanced Workshops

When you learn with Thrive Flower School, you’re choosing a sustainable school. We work hard to reduce our environmental footprint and work with you to create a more sustainable floristry industry for the future

Where we are

Thrive has two locations, a boutique creative studio in Collingwood and the brand new purpose built school and head office in Moorabbin.

The new school is just minutes away from one of Melbourne’s biggest and most popular wholesalers, making it the ideal location to reduce carbon emissions and easily access locally grown product.

*Thrive Flower School is licensed to offer the, industry recognised, Bloom College Course Curriculum and Bloom College specialised floristry resources.

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Cancellations & Refunds

If the organiser cancels the class:

You are entitled to a full refund.

If you can't attend the class:

You’re welcome to send someone in your place.


  • A transfer can be requested 2 days before the class starts. An admin fee of AU$20.00 applies.

No changes will be allowed after these times.

We recommend the refund upgrade option upon checkout in case you’re not able to attend the class. Learn more about refund upgrade option.

Terms & Conditions

Anyone partaking in any classes or coming to any events at Thrive Flower School or organised by Thrive Flower School must agree to these terms and conditions.


The Participant agrees to undertake the Course with Thrive Flower School subject to these Terms and Conditions.

Thrive Flower School reserves the right to modify, change, add or otherwise alter these Terms and Conditions at any time. Where possible, Thrive Flower School will endeavour to notify Participants of any significant or substantive changes but Participants should check these Terms and Conditions prior to enrolling for a Course to ensure they are aware of any changes The Participant will be notified of any such modifications.

Definitions and Interpretation 

In these Terms and Conditions unless inconsistent with the context:

  • ACL means The Australian Consumer Law as set out in Schedule 2 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth);
  • Thrive Flower School means Thrive Flower School ABN 42 285 349 238
  • Class means a class undertaken as part of a Course or a single workshop;
  • Course means a floristry course taught by Thrive Flower School;
  • Course Fee means the fee for the Course payable by the Participant to Thrive Flower School

as determined from time to time by Thrive Flower School and communicated to the


  • Course Commencement Date means the date of commencement of the course as

determined by Thrive Flower School from time to time and communicated to the Participant;

  • Force Majeure Event means any event or circumstances which is beyond the reasonable control of the effected party which results in or causes the failure of that party to perform any of its obligations under these Terms and Conditions, and shall include, but without limiting the generality thereof, strikes, lockouts, acts of God,

floods, fires, pandemics, government restrictions and public transport difficulties;

  • Intellectual Property means all rights resulting from intellectual activity and includes copyright, inventions, patent rights, registered and unregistered trademarks, design rights, circuit layouts and all rights and interests of a like nature, including but not limited to methods and techniques, together with any documentation relating to such

rights and interests;

  • Law means any relevant federal, state or local statute, ordinance, rule, regulation or

standard, and includes the ACL, as amended from time to time;

  • Participant means any individual who enrols in a Course on these Terms and

Conditions; and

  • Terms and Conditions means the terms and conditions of a Participant’s participation

in the Course as set out in this document.

Course payment and cancellation of enrolment 

The Participant agrees and undertakes to pay to Thrive Flower School the Course Fee in accordance with the payment terms communicated by Thrive Flower School to the Participant.

Save as otherwise provided in these Terms and Conditions, Participants are unable to receive a refund of any Course Fee paid as a result of any changes made by the Participant to their bookings once they have been made.

If the Participant is unable to attend a Class, the Participant may nominate another person to attend in their place or may collect their flowers. If another Participant is to attend, details of that person must be provided to the Thrive Flower School office via email. Make up Classes are unable to be offered (without exception).

Timetable and absences 

All Classes and Courses are subject to change. Thrive Flower School will use its best endeavours to ensure the Classes or Courses operate as advertised.

Any changes in Classes or Courses will be communicated to the Participant prior to the commencement of the Class or Course.

If Thrive Flower School cancels or defers the date of a Class the Participant will be contacted and will be given the opportunity to receive a full refund or accept the change in schedule. Thrive Flower School will not be liable for any delay, failure or inability to deliver in accordance with the advertised schedule.

Footwear and clothing 

The Participant must bring the following materials to each Class unless stated that the items are supplied and or included for use during a Class:

Class set of Tools, Towel, Aprons & Gloves are included for - Flower basics, Beyond the basics, Wedding Intensive and Single workshops

  • apron;
  • hand towel; and
  • gloves.

To ensure the safety of the Participant, the Participant must wear closed-toe shoes, preferably with non-slip soles, to all Classes. Each Participant acknowledges and agrees to take full responsibility for their safety when in the classroom and on excursions. Each Participant agrees and undertakes to wear gloves when required and display appropriate use of tools and cutting techniques.

Code of Conduct: 

Thrive Flower School staff will conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. Each Participant undertakes and agrees to observe the following code of conduct:

  • To adhere to reasonable control, management and directions given to the Participant by Thrive Flower School staff or representatives.
  • To conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times.
  • To acknowledge and understand that inappropriate behaviour means (but is not limited

to) swearing, smoking or being under the influence of alcohol, illicit drugs and/or

prescription medication whenever in the Thrive Flower School classroom or on an excursion.

  • That harassment Thrive Flower School staff and representatives and/ or other Participants

will not be tolerated.

  • To respect the decisions and privacy of Thrive Flower School staff and representatives.

No refund will be given if a Participant is expelled from a Course for misconduct or unacceptable behaviour.

Intellectual property 

All Intellectual Property of Thrive Flower School, including but not limited to any goods, materials or manuals produced and provided by Thrive Flower School and any Intellectual Property developed during the conduct of a Course, whether such Intellectual Property is developed by a Participant or Thrive Flower School, is the sole property of Thrive Flower School.

Any Course materials which Thrive Flower School provides to a Participant for the Participant to retain for their own personal use shall become the property of the Participant. However, the content of the Course materials, including copyright and all other such Intellectual Property contained therein, remain the property of Thrive Flower School. A Participant may not reproduce any part of the Course materials or otherwise use any Intellectual Property of Thrive Flower School without the prior written consent of Thrive Flower School.

Warranties, Indemnity and Limitation of Liability 

All implied guarantees, warranties and conditions (including warranties as to the quality or fitness for purpose of a Course) are excluded to the maximum extent permitted by Law.

The Participant agrees to indemnify Thrive Flower School and any of its associated parties from all claims, losses, expenses, damages, costs and injuries arising directly or indirectly from any breach by a Participant of these Terms and Conditions or any other act or omission by a Participant in relation to or arising from a Participant enrolling and/ or undertaking a Course.

Unless such liability cannot be excluded by virtue of the ACL or any other Law, the Participant acknowledges and agrees that Thrive Flower School will not be liable to the Participant for any loss (including consequential loss) or damage to any person or property whatsoever arising from or as a result of the Participants participation in a Course.

Sales and Discounts 

Unless expressly stated otherwise, the following items are excluded from advertised sales and discounts:

  • the Wedding Intensive Course; and
  • the Career Change Course;

Sales are for one day only purchases and must be made within the advertised timeframe.


Thrive Flower School may terminate a Participant’s enrolment in a Course with immediate effect by giving written notice to a Participant if:

  • the Participant breaches any material provision of these Terms and Conditions (including without limitation any breach in respect of an obligation to pay money) and fails to remedy the breach within 7 days after receiving notice requiring it to do so; or
  • the Participant breaches a material provision of these Terms and Conditions where that breach is not capable of remedy.

Career Change Course – Additional Terms and Conditions 

NB: The Bloom College Career Change Course is not an accredited certificate course under governance of the National Training Package. 

A minimum attendance of 80% of Classes is required to receive a certificate as a Bloom College Career Change Course Graduate. A minimum standard Portfolio must also be presented in order to graduate.

Payment Plan: 

If a Participant elects to have a payment plan the following terms and conditions apply.

The Participant acknowledges and agrees that they are entering into a payment plan and authorises Thrive Flower School to debit the nominated amounts from the credit card provided on the scheduled payment plan dates, including the deposit amount to secure the Participant’s place in the Course.

The Participant agrees and undertakes to pay the full amount of the Course Fee including any applicable taxes and charges and an administration fee for the payment plan. The Participant acknowledges and agrees that they are liable for the full amount of the Course Fee whether the Participant attends the Course or not.

The initial payment specified will be debited and held as a non-refundable deposit. This deposit secures a Participant’s place in the Course and is payable at the time of enrolment. A Participant’s position in the Course will not be guaranteed until payment has been received by Thrive Flower School and the necessary enrolment and authority forms have been completed online at the time of payment. The deposit is strictly non-refundable save where the Course is cancelled or withdrawn by Thrive Flower School due to no fault of the Participant.

All Course Fees must be paid prior to the Course completion date. Should a Participant not complete a Course all scheduled payments are still payable and will continue to be debited on the due date.

Participants must supply a valid credit card number and ensure funds are available prior to the day of each payment due date. Participants are responsible for any changes to credit card details including updating any expired cards and should the Participant cancel their credit card, the Participant agrees and undertakes to supply Thrive Flower School with alternative valid credit card details as soon as possible.

The Participant may cancel their enrolment in the Career Change Course up to 28 days prior to the commencement date of the Course and receive a full refund of the Course Fee minus the deposit.

If the Participant cancels their enrolment within 28 days prior to the commencement date of the Course but no later than 14 days prior to the commencement date of the Course, Thrive Flower School will refund 50% of the Course Fee paid minus the deposit.

If the Participant cancels their enrolment within 14 days of the commencement date of the Course or later any Course Fees paid will not be refunded.

In the rare circumstance that a Course is cancelled or withdrawn by Thrive Flower School due to no fault of the Participant Thrive Flower School will refund the Participant’s deposit and any other Course Fees paid.

If the Participant’s enrolment is cancelled by Thrive Flower School after the Course has commenced the Participant will receive a full refund of any Course Fees paid in respect of future Classes minus the deposit.


Force majeure 

Neither party will be liable for any delay or failure in the performance of any obligation or the exercise of any right under these Terms and Conditions or for any loss or damage if such

performance or exercise is prevented or hindered in whole or in part by reason of a Force Majeure Event.

Nothing in this clause will excuse payment of any money due or which becomes due under these Terms and Conditions.

Relationship between the parties 

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions creates any fiduciary relationship, nor any partnership, joint venture or agency relationship between the parties.


Thrive Flower School may in its absolute discretion sub-contract the delivery of the Courses or otherwise assign its rights under these Terms and Conditions.


All information supplied by a party to the other party will be treated as confidential except to the extent that it becomes public knowledge, and will not be disclosed to a third party without the prior written consent of the party who originally supplied the information, or as required by the Law.

Privacy policy and use of information 

Thrive Flower School complies with the Privacy Act 1988 as amended and is bound by the National Privacy Principles dealing with the collection, use and storage of personal information about individuals. Thrive Flower School shall use commercially reasonable efforts to restrict unauthorized access to data and files. However no system whether or not password protected can be entirely impenetrable. The Participant acknowledges that it may be possible for an unauthorized third party to access, view, copy, modify, or distribute personal information provided to Thrive Flower School and that the provision of such personal information and use of Thrive Flower School’s website is completely at the Participant’s own risk.

Thrive Flower School will not intentionally disclose any personally identifying information about a Participant to third parties, except where Thrive Flower School, in good faith, believes such disclosure is necessary to comply with the Law or enforce these Terms and Conditions.

Thrive Flower School’s Privacy Policy, which can be accessed at the following address forms part of these Terms and Conditions. All Participant’s should carefully review Thrive Flower School’s Privacy Policy before enrolling in a Course. If a Participant does not agree with the Privacy Policy, in whole or part, they should not enrol in a Course.


If a dispute arises under these Terms and Conditions, the parties will attempt to negotiate a resolution by good faith negotiations.

If a dispute persists for more than 14 days, either party can refer the dispute to mediation before a mediator to be appointed by the Australian Commercial Disputes Centre. The costs of mediation will be shared by the parties equally.


A single or partial exercise or waiver of a right relating to these Terms and Conditions will not prevent any other exercise of that right or another right.

Video & image release 

No filming of teacher demonstrations will be permitted at any time. Participants are welcome to take images during the activity section of Classes excluding other participants without their consent.

Thrive Flower School may at times take images and footage within Classes. If a Participant does not wish to be photographed or filmed they must advise Thrive Flower School prior to the Class or advise the teacher at the beginning of the Class. Thrive Flower School reserves the right to use and publish any images and footage to promote and publicise its services. This includes, but is not limited to, marketing materials, portfolio entries, sample products, editorial submissions and use, or for display within or on Thrive Flower School’s website.

Governing Law & Australian Consumer Law 

These Terms and Conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Victoria, Australia.

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions is intended to exclude, restrict or modify rights which the Participant may have under the ACL or any other Law.

If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is invalid under the ACL or any other Law, that provision is enforceable to the extent that it is not invalid, and if it is not possible to give that provision any effect at all, then it is to be severed from these Terms and Conditions and the remainder of these Terms and Conditions will continue to have full force and effect.

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