Navigating Your Business' First 5 Years (And Business Partners)

What to Bring

  • Laptop and tablet.
  • Notepad and pen.
  • A camera to document your experience if you like.

What to Wear

  • Come as you are.

Appropriate For

  • Startups, aspiring, and prevailing business owners.

Navigating Your Business' First 5 Years (And Business Partners)

About This Class

Class Schedule

  • Duration: 2 Hours

What You Will Learn

  • Characteristics of a good co-founder for your startup
  • Navigating the first 5 years of your business
  • How to build a sustainable business

What You Get

  • Know the ins and outs of running a business with a partner
  • Preserve peace of mind and gain a sense of stability
  • Find a trustworthy co-founder
  • Firm self-assurance on the future of your business
  • All your questions answered, no stone left unturned
  • The opportunity to meet the movers and shakers, as well as expand your network
  • Invaluable pieces of advice from industry experts
  • Personal growth and learning
  • Empowerment to stop doubting yourself and make your ideas happen
  • Increase follow-on business and referrals
  • Regain the momentum/motivation you lost somewhere along the road


So you're thinking about starting your own business, or have already started, but want to know what the next 5 years ahead will look like. Our 2 speakers will share up close and personal stories of what the first 5 years of business looked like for them, the highs, the lows, and all the in-betweens in an evening that will get up close and personal.

From finding the perfect co-founder to refining the business model, from going from a side-hustle to a full-time gig, no questions will be off-limits.

About The Speakers

Kym Huynh, Founder @ WeTeachMe

Kym is one of the Founders of WeTeachMe—The Go-To Place for Australia’s Best And Most Popular Classes. In 2016 WeTeachMe officially became the largest school in Australia. Over the next 3 years, Kym aims to build WeTeachMe into the biggest school in the world.

Whether it be building the biggest school in Australia, to building APAC’s largest and most robust Entrepreneur’s Organization Accelerator Program in Melbourne, to sharing his personal playbook through his collection of articles filled with practical advice, how-to's, ideas and tutorials to 10x your life on, he strives to make a lasting and positive contribution to this world by always listening, always learning and helping people reach out and touch and inspire the lives of others from all corners of the globe.

Adam Jelic, Founder @ MiGoals 

I'm an entrepreneur, visionary and motivational speaker with a passion to help others go from good to awesome.

It all started when in October of 2010 with a goal to create a diary that could help others find their purpose and realise their dreams. From that single diary stocked in one bookstore in Melbourne, MiGoals products are now found at over 200 stores in Australia and New Zealand. You can also find us online at

Through motivational speaking and workshop facilitation, I now help other people to identify what they want out of life and develop a plan to get there. I believe that everyone has the capability to achieve amazing things. But we all need a little inspiration and guidance in our lives. I'm interested in speaking to small groups, organisations and schools about finding your purpose, keeping motivated and overcoming obstacles.

About The Masters Series

WeTeachMe is our vision of the future of learning: Inspired and impassioned learning that is run by the people, for the people.

In 2016, WeTeachMe officially became the biggest school in Australia, one giant leap towards our fundamental goal to be the biggest school in the world. As we start on our new journey to attain our next ambition, we begin with empowering thought leaders in every corner of the world by equipping them with the right tools and knowledge that will help them spark new ideas and bringing these ideas to life.

In accordance with this purpose, we have formed a new creative program to assist us in spreading our message into the world. We launched The Masters Series so that we could begin sharing the gifts, knowledge, and experience—of those who have achieved against all odds, the unimaginable in their life.

To achieve this aim, we invite the best and the brightest, the industry movers and shakers, the well-known and influential members of the world of entrepreneurs to share their learnings and experience in an unwavering effort to help those who are in constant search to find the answers. From creating thriving companies out of company to achieving gold medals in the Olympics, learn from the best of the best.


City of Melbourne

The development of Melbourne as a knowledge city has long been a priority. Today, the knowledge city concept remains a central component to the vision of the city. The City of Melbourne seeks to create a future in which the knowledge sector is better branded, understood, valued and experienced.

“The City of Melbourne continues to develop new ways to gather and share information to support those whose innovations and developments underpin the growth of the city. We broaden understanding and respect for Melbourne’s diverse knowledge sector and ensure learning can be a lifelong process.”


Inspire9 is the original community-led co-working space for Melbourne’s startups, freelancers, and creative entrepreneurs. It is a community in the truest sense. We share ideas, responsibilities and opportunities. We collaborate on projects, help our neighbours with a tricky technical problem and broker business deals over a game of pool or ping-pong. At the end of the week, we savour the satisfaction of work well done over a cheese plate and glass of something nice at our friendly Friday Night Drinks.

Dream Factory

The Dream Factory has created a space for extraordinary people to gather and innovate in design, technology and social change. It is owned and powered by Impact Investment Group and has become one of Melbourne’s premier workplaces and event locations. The building features an ample on-site and secure car parking, very accessible bike paths from Melbourne CBD and inner north, great end-of-trip facilities, and loads of breakout spaces, meeting rooms and communal areas. The rooftop is one of Melbourne’s best panoramas of the city and port and is accessible to all its tenants.

SPARK Deakin

SPARK empowers, educates and brings together Melbourne's most aspiring entrepreneurs. An initiative by Deakin University, our mission is simple: To invite everyone, Teach the curious, and Empower the best.

SPARK is more than just a moment in time, a source of funding, an event, or even a community. Spark is an startup ecosystem designed to help solve real problems and create a better future.

Startup Victoria

Startup Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation set up to create More Founders and Better Founders.

Startup Victoria is the go-to destination for all startup related topics. We believe that Melbourne can be one of the world’s best cities to build a startup. We want to help make that a reality by helping to accelerate the growth of Victoria’s startup ecosystem.

Wade Institute

Wade Institute is home to The University of Melbourne’s Master of Entrepreneurship. When you’re teaching people to create, make and innovate, the space they occupy should invite them to create new things from the moment they walk in. The Wade Institute centre will do just that.

Rather than walk into a building full of classrooms and offices, students will enter a space with a kit of parts, from walls and screens to different desk parts and lights. This main studio workshop is a white canvas with colourful parts ready to become whatever students and staff need it to be – from open plan classroom to office, customer lab or forum to pitch their business idea.

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didn't come away with much from these talks at all.


Awesome event and fantastic speakers - very insightful and helpful to small start ups.


It was a great and well organised event!

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