Write Away With Me

Write Away With Me

Melbourne, VIC

A Journey Through Genres

What to Bring

  • A water bottle and afternoon snack ( No nuts please)
  • Writing materials including grey lead pencils, sharpener, coloured pencils, scissors and a stapler.
  • A water bottle and afternoon snack ( No nuts please)

What to Wear

  • School uniform/ Casual

Appropriate For

  • This program is designed for young writers in Grades 3 - 6.

A Journey Through Genres

About This Class

Class Schedule

  • This class takes place on six consecutive Wednesday afternoons (4.15pm to 5.45pm) from 16th August to 20th September, 2017

What You Will Learn

  • new writing styles across a range of genres from script writing, poetry, personal narrative, mystery and fiction
  • to plot, plan and write a new story or piece of writing each week
  • a variety of writing rituals and routines, including the use of a writing log, to keep them on track and finishing tasks.

What You Get

  • 6 x 90 min original writing workshops presented by an experienced teacher, writer and literacy consultant.
  • Six workshops exploring a range of different gamers and modes of storytelling
  • An opportunity to workshop ideas with like minded peers and receive feedback from your presenter.


Now in its seventh year, The Writer’s Club is an after school writing program that develops both creative thinking and writing skills in a positive club like atmosphere.

The Writer's Club runs at Oakleigh Primary School but is open to all students. 

At Oakleigh this year, we run with one multilevel group catering for young writers in Years 3 - 6. 

Our workshop officially starts at 4.15pm and finishes at 5.45pm, but students are welcome to arrive from 3.30pm onwards.

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to encourage club members to explore their unique storytelling style and voice. Children have the time and space to experiment with a variety of genres and writing techniques while developing creativity and confidence.We support club members every step of the way with effective strategies and techniques to scaffold learning and enable them to experience success. Class sizes are limited to 18 to allow for lots of interaction and sharing of our work.

At The Writer’s Club, you will:

  • Be challenged to grow and build your self-confidence as a writer.
  • Exercise your creativity and imagination – they are muscles too!
  • Participate in a range of activities designed to inspire creativity and foster writing skills and self-expression.
  • Meet and share your writing talent ( and ideas) with lots of new friends.
  • Develop the essential skills of creative writing in a fun and supportive environment.
  • Be engaged in the writing process from drafting to workshopping and publication
  • Have the opportunity to publish pieces of writing on our blog/website as well as entering writing competitions.

Term 3, 2017 @ The Writer's Club; Miniature Books: Gigantic Writing Ideas  

Elizabeth Honey's 'The Book of Little Books' is the inspiration behind this term's writing adventures. Who knew that little books come packed with so many big writing ideas? Each week, a miniature book becomes the key to exploring a different genre. We’ll explore a range of genres from script writing, poetry, personal narrative, mystery and works of fiction. Different genres allow us to develop and extend our writing style. Script writing, for example, generates vivid mental imagery as we need to 'see' and 'hear' the scene to write it. Poetry allows us to recognise patterns and rhythms in words and phrases. Personal narrative reminds us that our own lives provide rich material for writing. Although the writing genres will vary from week to week, one thing is for sure: this term we'll push our creativity to the limit! Can we finish six pieces of writing in six weeks? The challenge lies before us.

Please use your child's name when making the booking as that is the name we use to print our name tags. 

Week 1: Little Miss Muffet

One of the best ways of exploring writer’s voice and dialogue is to create simple one script plays. Using nursery rhymes and fairy tales as our inspiration, we’ll learn the basics of script writing from scene descriptions, director’s notes and more. Writing one scene scripts helps writers visualise a story which is an important, writing skill. It’s also a chance to let your sense of humour and your unique writing style shine.

Week 2: Poems By Anon

A good writer is a keen observer of life. Adding little details and quirky observations to your stories can give them real depth and interest. Sensory writing paints vivid word pictures and someone, somewhere will pick up your story and say, “I know exactly how that feels." This week's little book has a selection of humorous poetry to get us started!

Week 3: Holiday Postcards

This workshop combines the art of writing personal narratives with the magic of storytelling. We’ll share snippets of stories, and literary examples demonstrate how personal narratives come to life. Postcards will be the perfect vehicle for remembering and writing about some of our real holiday adventures.

Week 4: The House

Picture this. An old house surrounded by a thick dark forest. The house creaks and groans. There are trap doors and disappearing floors. This week, we'll focus on descriptive writing and how to build suspense and create atmosphere and mood.

Week 5: The Purple Comb

Marcia and Fellini cut the most exotic and wild new hairstyles and this week; you are their new assistant. Think characters. Think dialogue. You are a wiz with a pair of scissors and just think about the stories you can tell afterward.

Week 6:  Squiggles

Shift your creative thinking skills into top gear for this week's writing activity. You will transform a set of squiggles into drawings which you can use to generate ideas for a short story. Making interesting connections between random objects is a great way to get you out of your writing rut and brimming with fresh, original ideas. 

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