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Mash Up Magic

Tales as old as time provide just the springboard we need for this term’s ‘mash-up’ writing project. Our favourite fairy tales with their familiar structures and themes have much to teach us about the process of telling and writing short stories.
This term, at The Writer’s Club, you’ll take your favourite fairy tale, turn it inside out, change the point of view and drag the characters (and perhaps the setting) into the modern age! Before you know it, you’ll have a whole new and original short story. (Trust me, your favourite fairy tales will never be quite the same!)
Over the course of six weeks, we’ll work through a series of guided writing activities designed to teach you the basics of writing a short story, from plotting and planning through to developing a setting and interesting characters. You’ll also see how the character’s point of view can completely change the direction of a story. Who knew writing could be this much fun? We are also going to try out hand at peer editing so you’ll have the opportunity to work with a partner to develop the art of editing stories and giving valuable feedback. We’ll finish up the term with a Fairy Tale Mash and Magic Party and the chance to share our stories with friends and families at our traditional open hose reading. So come and join in the fun this term at The Writer’s Club.

Workshop 1: Setting The Stage on the 23rd May

This week we’ll share a selection of favourite and fractured fairy tales to explore the essential elements (settings, characters, plots and themes) found in fairy tales. With this knowledge under our belts, we’ll use storytelling and discovery writing to play with lots of writing ideas and possibilities.

Workshop 2: Mash and Magic on the 30th May

This week, the fun begins as you start to play with edges of a traditional tale. A series of writing prompts will help you decide exactly what changes you want to make to the traditional tale of your choice. How will you change the setting? Or the point of view? We’ll explore ways to start and finish your story as well. This week, you’ll leave with a detailed plan and storyboard for your story.

Workshop 3 and 4: Write Away on the 6th and 13th May

Over the next two weeks, you’ll have a chance to write and workshop (read and receive feedback) your story. We’ll explore how to write effective dialogue and how this can bring your characters to life. You’ll also learn some cool editing hacks and writing tips which you can use on any piece of writing. 

Workshop 5: Reflect and Review on 20th May

This week, we’ll try our hand at peer editing. You will have the chance to explore the art of giving and receiving valuable feedback. We will also make a creative synopsis or blurb for our stories. (The Magic Mirror from Shrek will come in handy here!)

Workshop 6: Fairy Tale Mash and Magic Party on 27th May

Come dressed as one of your own original characters and bring a plate of fairytale food to share. ( (Maybe something 'tasty' the matches your story...) This week, we’ll celebrate all things magic. Think spells. Think quiz questions. Think storytelling competitions. We’ll also invite our families to share in some mash-up magic.

Fee Structure:

6 x 90 mins workshops: $158.00

Online Booking Fee: $6.00

Total: $164.00

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What you will learn
  • Creative processes and techniques for turning ideas into original stories
  • How to develop characters and write effective dialogue
  • Peer editing skills
What you will get
  • 6 x 90 minute writing workshops
  • Guided reflective writing tasks/activities to try at home
  • Feedback on finished pieces of writing during the course

What to bring
  • A well stocked pencil case/ grey lead/ eraser
  • A snack to eat before we begin and a drink bottle
  • A4 notebook
What to wear

School Uniform

Appropriate for

Young writers from Years 3 - 6


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Cancellation & Refund Policy

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