Fireside Chat with Silicon Valley Bank

Fireside Chat with Silicon Valley Bank

About This Event

What You Will Learn

  • SVB's perspective and insights on Venture Capital Investment and Startups in the US and abroad
  • SVB's Global Gateway Program and how SVB can help your startup expand internationally
  • SVB & York Butter Factory Partnership, and the Goods Shed initiative



The York Butter Factory is excited to bring the Melbourne startup community the opportunity to connect with Silicon Valley Bank - the firm behind 50% of all venture capital backed technology and life sciences in the U.S. 

Andy Tsao, Managing Director at Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), will to talk about Silicon Valley Bank's Global Gateway Program, and share some perspectives and insights about the Venture Capital and Startup scene in the US and abroad. He will also talk about the strategic partnership between SVB and York Butter Factory which aims establish Melbourne as a global destination point for innovation via the Goods Shed initiative

Afterwards, we will have an informal Q&A session with questions led by the community! 

Andy Tsao Bio

Andy Tsao is a Managing Director and leads SVB’s Global Gateway, which assists innovation companies in the emerging markets with their US and international market expansion. In addition, Tsao leads SVB Global Private Equity Services, working with SVB’s international private equity and venture capital clients, particularly those in the emerging markets.

He brings more than 20 years of experience banking dynamic companies in technology industries worldwide.In his roles, Tsao manages SVB’s relationships with venture capital and private equity firms outside the U.S., and also helps emerging market companies as they seek U.S. market entry and U.S. companies as they seek to expand abroad. In both capacities, Tsao provides these firms with strategic advice and banking services, including debt financing, based on a deep understanding of their needs.


1. Will drinks be provided?

  • Yes, beers will be aplenty! 

2. Do I need to book a ticket?

  • Spots are limited, so make sure you secure your spot by reserving a ticket for yourself and any other attendees you plan on bringing along.

3. What can I ask during the Q&A?

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Jun 2016

Fantastic session giving perspectives that we don't always have access to in Melbourne. Thanks so much for organising!

Jun 2016

Wonderful to pick up some news on Sicilcon Valley Bank from an insider. More importantly, there have been interesting questions from the audience.