Kickstarter - Bringing Your Product to Life

What to Wear

  • Casual

Appropriate For

  • Individuals who are planning to launch a product

Kickstarter - Bringing Your Product to Life

About This Event

What You Will Learn

  • Develop a plan for a Kickstarter campaign
  • Create an outline for a campaign story
  • Build a plan for community and press outreach


Kickstarter offers designers, makers and engineers a unique opportunity to connect with an audience and raise funds to bring their products to life. We’ll hear from Zach Dunham, Campaign Strategist for Design and Technology, about best practices for crafting great campaigns and building community on Kickstarter. We'll explore the core steps involved in planning, building, and managing a Kickstarter campaign. We'll also discuss strategies for building a community and conducting press outreach in preparation for launch.

About Zach

Zach Dunham is the campaign strategist for Kickstarter’s design and technology communities. He works closely with project creators to help them plan, prepare, and manage campaigns that best meet their goals and share their stories with the Kickstarter community. Zach is also a creative technologist, with a focus on acoustics; the co-creator of The Public Radio; and an alumni of the School For Poetic Computation.

YBF will be livestreaming this from the States so don't miss out if you are aspiring or in the midst of launching a product! 

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Aug 2016

Really practical tips on running a crowdfunding campaign. Great to see amazing examples of well done campaigns. The video sound didn't come through, and the kitchen was a tricky place to have a conference call since people came in to make coffee, but still worth the time.