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Insurance Essentials For Startups

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York Butter Factory, Next Money and Fintech Victoria is excited to launch a series of Masterclasses with our partner Aon Insurance


This session will encourage you to consider the various risks your business will face in its life-cycle and how to mitigate those risks. It is an introduction into insurance and how a broker works on your behalf and in your best interest. Beneficial for those with a basic knowledge of insurance, and those who seek to understand how an insurance broker can support you and your start-up.


Kevin Baker has over 20 years General Insurance Broking Experience, commencing in the London and Lloyds Insurance markets where he directly advised and assisted a range of Clients in all facets of Insurance. Having relocated to Australia early in 2002 Kevin has continued to work with both Corporate and Commercial clients that include many involved in high risk occupations or industries. Kevin has now been with Aon for over eleven years, and his experience places him well to provide advice to all types of clients and industries.

Paula Crean has worked in a business development role in the insurance industry for the last six years. Paula has worked for Aon Risk Solutions in 3 countries including the UK, New Zealand and now Australia. The variety of client experiences and the opportunity to work with clients across many industry sectors including construction, manufacturing, transport and retail has equipped Paula with the skills and knowledge to minimise risk exposures.

Topics covered:

  • The importance of insurance
  • The value of an Insurance Broker
  • Policies available in the insurance market for start-ups
  • How these policies can protect your start-up
  • Emerging risks to start-ups

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What you will learn
  • What can a broker do for you and your start-up
  • An understanding of the types of policies a start-up may encounter
  • Your opportunity to gain on the spot advice for one of our brokers


York Butter Factory

Vendor since 2012

The York Butter Factory is the co-working space for Melbourne’s high-potential early-stage technology entrepreneurs.

Established in 2011 inside an 1850s heritage-listed space, York Butter Factory is home to upstarts with bold, global ambitions and clear intentions to change the world.

Named after the original 1855 building, the York Butter Factory is situated on King Street at the base of the Rialto. This brilliant bluestone warehouse is the ultimate juxtaposition of old and new, building tech startups out of one Melbourne’s oldest structures. The 577sqm space is across two floors and has an open plan coworking space, informal collaborative area, meeting rooms, an industrial fridge and room for up to 60 entrepreneurs.

Opening its doors in October 2011, it has established itself at the center of a rapidly growing startup ecosystem in Melbourne. York Butter Factory was co-founded by the partners of Adventure Capital, who run their VC fund out of the space.

YBF already hosts nearly 50 startups largely in the Consumer Internet space. Opportunities to access funding is through its owners’ tech-focused VC fund as well as seed funding provided directly to deserving startups and via the Aurelius Digital angel investment network. There is a culture of collaboration, resource sharing and tough love. Tenants are curated with a view to fill the space with high-potential digital media and web 2.0 startups with a global ambition.

The vision is to become the central hub of the Australian tech startup ecosystem.

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