Photography for Everyday Storytelling

What to Bring

  • The camera and lens/lenses you intend to use the most
  • A fully charged battery and a spare battery if you have one
  • A clean memory card and a spare one if you have one
  • Notepad, pen

What to Wear

  • Light comfortable clothing so you can get your WORK-SHOP ON! You will be walking offsite to shoot, so wear comfortable shoes.

Appropriate For

  • Absolutely all photography lovers welcome.

Photography for Everyday Storytelling

About This Class

What You Will Learn

  • Basic technical details (like what all the fancy numbers and letters on your camera mean)
  • What different modes are for and how to improve composition and framing
  • Get shooting so you can get a solid grasp on what we’ve covered on the day!

What You Get

  • A basic understanding of how to improve composition and framing in your photography
  • A look at how to practice mindfulness and presence in photography
  • A refresher on how to shoot in manual, including basic breakdowns of technical terms such as shutter speed, ISO and aperture
  • A downloadable cheat sheet that summarises the most important points from the day


Modern life passes by so swiftly that it’s important to celebrate, cherish and capture the little things that make our lives so great to begin with. It’s not just about big milestones or big moments—it’s about connecting to the small ones as well. We’re lucky to live in an age where there’s always a camera nearby, but that doesn’t always mean we know how to capture the moment we’re in.

Photography for Everyday Storytelling seeks to help you enhance your ability to tell a story through photos—the story of your daily life, the story of your travels, the story of your loved ones. Whatever it may be, this workshop will help you to improve composition and framing skills so you can effectively capture and begin to learn the art of visual storytelling.

If you have or want to begin a personal, travel or lifestyle blog or know somebody who is, this is the workshop to attend!


This workshop is mostly practical and will involve indoor and outdoor shooting. 

Basic photography knowledge is recommended, but a light recap on technical terms such as shutter speed, aperture and ISO is provided at the start of class, as this workshop provides practice for shooting in manual*. Want to get back to basics before you get creative? You can attend Photography Basics first, then come back for Everyday Storytelling!

Shooting in manual is not 100% required or at all mandatory, but the workshop is structured for use with dSLRs and cameras with manual settings, so you’ll get the most out of this workshop if you bring a camera that has manual modes.

About Camille Santiago

Camille Santiago is a Brisbane-based photographer, videographer and graphic designer. Self-taught in photography from the age of 13, Camille continually works to refine her craft and has worked with fellow creatives such as Jasmine Dowling and Dominique Falla, as well as photographed creative conferences such as Typism and Analogue/Digital.

Passionate about the art of visual storytelling and photographing the beauty of the everyday, Camille aims to honestly capture moments, people and places in a way that quietly conveys their essence and hopes to share this skill with others.

To see Camille’s work, visit

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