Good Dog Masterclass: Polite Pooches in Public

What to Bring

  • Just yourself!
  • Please leave your dog at home for this one.

Appropriate For

  • Pet owners, foster carers, volunteers, vet workers, animal lovers

Good Dog Masterclass: Polite Pooches in Public

About This Class

What You Will Learn

  • Learn simple and fun ways to teach your dog great manners in dog-friendly pub and cafe settings


Do you love to take your dog with you everywhere you go? Or do you wish you could?

According to latest research by Mars Pet Care Australia, Melbourne is the country’s most pet friendly city. The first class of its kind in Australia, join Tim Watson from Good Dog Behaviour & Training as he demonstrates simple and fun ways to teach your dog great manners in dog-friendly pub and cafe settings.

Some of the topics covered will include:

  • Things to consider before bringing your dog out with you 
  • Teaching your dog to settle
  • How dogs communicate stress and discomfort 
  • How to greet dogs properly
  • The correct way to have dogs greet on leash
  • Children and dogs
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Nov 2016

Tim was very professional and I always like it when their dog is with them so you can see the results. Elliot the lab was a brilliant student! If every dog had the social skills of Elliot, they would be accepted everywhere. I am always learning so I can show new ideas to my pet dog, Lucy the kelpie. Anyone who is introducing a new dog/puppy into their lives shouldn't miss this class. Highly recommend and excellent value.

Oct 2016

Tim was a great instructor. He went through lots of situations where we all could improve both our dogs and our own interactions and awareness. There is always something new to learn, no matter how small. It all contributes to a better understanding of why our dogs behave in a certain way and how we can learn from that to shape their behaviour. Elliot is a credit to Tim, a lovely chilled and responsive companion. I live in hope !!