Intro to Pinhole Photography

What to Bring

  • Everything needed for this workshop is provided but if students wish to bring unique items to turn into a camera they are more then welcome. Suitable objects must be somewhat hollow with the ability to be made light tight.

Intro to Pinhole Photography

About This Class

What You Get

  • All materials provided


This Intro to Pinhole Photography Workshop is just one of the many photographic based workshops run by Noir Darkroom. No previous experience is required and all materials and tools will be provided.

Throughout the workshop participants will learn the fundamentals of the camera, experiment with upcycled materials to make a working camera, build a camera from a cardboard template, capture images onto black and white photo paper and develop their images in a darkroom.

The workshop is presented in an easy to understand fashion by a passionate and knowledgeable instructor.

Watching a photograph appear in a developing tray is a magical experience and this workshop provides participants with the ability to not just capture an image and develop it, but the knowledge to turn almost anything into a functional analogue camera.

Participants are encouraged to experiment and use the opportunity to create outside of conventional ideas of photographic practice and will be provided with constant support.

This process leads into endless creative opportunities that participants will be able to take home with them.


Jessika Schwientek is a Melbourne based artist, experimental photographer and owner of NOIR Darkroom. With a great passion for chemistry based photography, Jessika is a Deakin graduate with first class honours. She thrives on alternative photographic processes and recreating historical practices from a contemporary approach.

NOIR Darkroom is Jessika’s current venture after a successful crowdfunding campaign, NOIR will be a creative photographic hub providing darkroom access and education to all age groups, school and community groups.

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