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Sewing Essentials: The Slip Dress

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This workshop will take you through an in person step by step guide of the details behind making a minimal, elegant slip dress – a wardrobe staple piece that’s easy to dress up or down. You’ll come out the other end with a custom made garment that you can strut down the street and respond to compliments with a hair flick and a casual “Oh this dress? I made it.”

It’s a pretty straight forward process that involves basic sewing knowledge (being able to sew a straight line) and going through it properly once, will then give you the ability to whip up all the slip dresses you want!

Sewing is such a practical and rewarding activity. Getting lost in the creative and technical process is like meditation in that you’re fully consumed by it and in the moment. Then wearing the piece you’ve made and knowing the time, effort and love that went into is an indescribable feeling.

If you are new to the sewing machine, we recommend you book into our Sewing Basics Workshop before doing this class.


Madeline Rawlings is a graphic designer by day and passionate creative/maker by night. She’s been sewing ever since her course in high school and kept it as an on going growing hobby. This led to starting The Essentials Club, a personal blog utilised as a platform to encourage her to make the time for personal creative outlets, with the aim to help spread the ethos of making the essentials and ethically sourcing the rest.
Through these workshops she wants to teach others that being resourceful can be done in style. There’s something so rewarding about having things around your home or in your closet you’ve made by yourself for yourself.
The Essentials Club is a hub for creative doers with how-to tutorials, travel guides, and design tips/freebies. Helping you get onto the path of living a simple yet full life with only the essentials – rich in meaningful creations and experiences.


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What you will learn
  • A chance to build on your basic sewing skills and put them into action
What you will get
  • A custom made slip dress
  • Take home pattern and overview of steps
  • A fun day of creating!

What to bring
  • Sewing Machine - Please make sure your machine works and you have all the bits and attachments for it before you come to the class!
  • Fabric - Please bring non stretchy fabric we recommend a light/flowy material (eg. Linen, Cotton, Silk)
  • How Much To Bring - sizes 6-10 bring 1.5-2 metres off the roll / Sizes 12-16 bring 2.5-3 metres off the roll (or measure a dress you own across the front then times that measurement by 2.5m)
What to wear


Appropriate for

Anyone with basic sew machine skills who wants to learn how to sew using garment patterns



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Work-Shop requires 48 hours notice in writing prior to the class for a full refund or transfer. If you miss this window, earn some extra karma points and give your ticket to one of your buddies. Email learn@work-shop.com.au to organise a refund.


We’ll do our darndest to run all scheduled classes. Most of our classes must have a minimum of 5 participants before we can put them on. In the event that a class is cancelled, students will be notified via text message or email and entitled to a full refund or credit.

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25 March 2019 • Sewing Essentials: The Slip Dress

The instructor, Maddy, was really patient and friendly. She also provided really clear, simple instructions and examples of different dresses she’d made. The venue was spacious and we were provided with a table each which was super handy for cutting. If you’re new to sewing this course is a must but if you are pretty savvy this course will be a breeze.


11 November 2018 • Sewing Essentials: The Slip Dress


Ha Ly

20 April 2018 • Sewing Essentials: The Slip Dress

I hesitated to write this review as it is not pleasant to write negative reviews, however I have sent an email to the workshop organisers and received no response, therefore I feel the need to to warn others before they sign up for this workshop. A problem arose soon after we started. I paid extra for the use of their sewing machine and as I tried to set it up, it was not working. The tutor tried to help but was utterly unfamiliar with the machine and so we tried to set up another machine which again was not working. It was then decided that I would be sharing a machine with another workshop attendee, which is not something I expected having paid for a machine. Also to put it into context, each person had a different fabric, therefore a different thread, which makes the sharing of a machine challenging. Nevertheless, we proceeded anyway. After a couple of of minutes, this machine started to have some problems as well. Again I moved to another machine, which finally worked. By then we were about two hours into the workshop, which did not leave me with much time to sew the garment. In all fairness, the workshop run for an hour and half extra as everyone found it challenging to finish their garment. It was nice of the organisers to allow for this. One other reason why the workshop ran over time was because there were too many people trying to share the space and resources. People were cutting their fabrics on the floor because there was not enough enough counter space. In addition, the workshop advertisement only stated that we needed to bring fabric, but said nothing about measuring tape, pins, scissors, fabric markers etc. I was lending these to people around me and even though I was more than happy to share, I do think these are a basic things that a sewing workshop should be equip with (also an iron is essential). I think it would show care, if these supplies were to be provided but if not, then I hope that organisers will at least specify it on their next workshop advertisement so people know what is supplied and what is not. All in all, for a premium price of $75 I was expecting that I would learn new skills in the workshop (since I had to bring all the material), that the class would not be overcrowded and that it would be adequately equipped. In the end, I came out of the workshop feeling like I could have learned all of that at home, with instructions from the internet, where I have a functioning sewing machine, basic necessary equipment and enough space.