Learn more about TM6 Modes.  Be more confident in their use.

Thermomix Modes Deep Dive Zoom (Free)

Targeting Modes on the TM6

Live via Zoom
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This free Zoom chat will help you explore modes with more confidence. 

If you'd like to use this Zoom as a Virtual Demo to take advantage of Host rewards, you can learn about that here.

Most of my readers follow me for the extra science lessons I give. 不不不 do you?  The value of a little bit of knowledge in this area helps so much in the kitchen.

This new demo is all about brunch, but of course, I've added many tips that can be used in many recipes.  I'll share all my chef tips for making each dish perfect every time.

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What you will learn

  • Learn some extra chef tips about making perfect savory scones
  • Learn chef tips about eggs and poaching
  • Learn more about "modes". Do you use them all?

What you will get

  • Being a host will entitle you to Thermomix host rewards
  • You will receive an Interactive mini Digital Cookbook made by me.
  • Confidence when using modes

What to bring

  • No need to bring anything but a cuppa or a glass of wine

What to wear

It's a Zoom, you can even be in your jarmies. 不不不 I don't record my Zooms I would love you to have your camera on

Appropriate for

Thermomix (TM6) owners and non Thermomix owners that want to know more.

Bec's Table Cooking School

(308 Reviews)

Baking courses, Cooking courses using Thermo cookers and Conventional Methods.

Bec is a classically trained Chef/Pastry Chef who loves to share the knowledge of making and baking brilliant food. We hope to inspire with our tips, techniques and quick ideas. 

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4.9 (85 reviews)
Louiserated it
25 Jan 2023
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Bec's Table Cooking School 26 Jan 2023


Sherylrated it
24 Jan 2023
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Bec's Table Cooking School 24 Jan 2023

Thnx Sheryl.  

Take a look at my website and Cookidoo.  All it takes is a little inspiration.  ;-) I hope you fall in love with how easy it can be to do things in the kitchen. 

FAYErated it
22 Jan 2023
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Bec's Table Cooking School 22 Jan 2023

Thank you Faye.  ;-)

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