Explore, Draw and Stitch

What to Bring

  • iPad or smart phone. (We provide magnifying glasses)
  • Photos that evoke memories, either portraits or settings that tell a story. (We will photocopy if necessary).
  • Scraps of fabric, threads or textiles complementary to your photo story. (We will have a supply on hand too).
  • Leaves, bark or seeds if you have favourites. (We will have a supply and there’s the garden walk).
  • Sketch book. Max A4 size.
  • Pencils. 2B 5B. (We will have some too)

What to Wear

  • Casual

Appropriate For

  • From beginners to experienced artists. Adults

Explore, Draw and Stitch

About This Class

Class Schedule

  • Sunday July 30th 10AM - 3PM

What You Will Learn

  • Explore new ways of looking and seeing, to find the charm or beauty within the detail.
  • Translate that discovery into drawings and or collages on paper or cards. (Use photocopies of precious photos).
  • Machine stitch to embellish and refine the messages of your work. Add buttons, threads or textures from the recycle box.

What You Get

  • At least one beautiful piece of art that tells a story through observation, drawing and stitch.
  • You may make a series, either of cards, or larger works of art.


Explore, Draw and Stitch

This workshop is brought to you in partnership between Nichola Prested of Handmaker's Factory and Thea Bates of Art In An Hour

Is there a photo of you as a child or one your great aunt that evokes special memories? Are you a fan of nature’s excellent design work? Both of these are sources for making beautiful art in our Explore, Draw and Stitch workshop. 

We will start the day with a walk through a local park exploring and gathering seedpods, flowers, leaves or bark. Using our iPads, digital cameras or even  everyday magnifying glasses we will capture images to draw and later stitch into unique and beautiful art.We might  prefer to ‘draw’ on our memories. A trawl through the family photo albums could reveal special pieces that evoke special memories.

Draw your discoveries on cards or cardboard, then embellish with basic machine stitching to create unique and beautiful art. Embellish you drawing with  textiles, photos and collage. Make a set? Make individual pieces. They could become wonderful gifts.

Art In An Hour

Thea Bates of Art in an Hour is a qualified art teacher, visual artist and creative practitioner. She loves to engage people in their own and sometimes  suppressed creativity, offering strategies and techniques  that leave tentative artists surprised and amazed by what they can do. As well as teaching art in community settings, she loves to work with corporates, local government and small businesses, where they see the benefits to their staff wellbeing, and therefore to their business. 

Art in an Hour is essentially a ‘juicy morsel of creative mindfulness’, to which Thea brings her extensive experience  both within and outside the creative arts genre, to support participants achieve extraordinary results. One hour can become many hours; art before breakfast, art on the train. Art anywhere, anytime.



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