Intro To Cyanotype - Photograms

Next Available: Sat, 31 Mar 1:00PM
2.0 hours


Participants will learn a brief history of chemistry based photography whilst experiementing with the early photographic process the Cyanotype.

Participants will learn how to prepare chemistry and apply it to paper and other surfaces in order to expose and develop a photographic print.

Using the power of the sun we will catch the shadows of plantlife, objects and drawings.

In this workshop we focus on photograms (cameraless photography) rather than working with photographic negatives as it gives an opportunity to work with multiple printmaking options, as well as understant the versatility and limitations of the process.

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What you will learn
  • Mix simple chemistry to create a light sensitive solution
  • Prepare paper and cotton for printing
  • Experiment with collage, plantlife and objects to create unique photograms
What you will get
  • A chance to learn how to recreate and experiment with an early 1800's photographic process
  • The skills to create archival quality photographic prints
  • All information and resources to be able to continue cyanotypes independently after the class

What to bring
  • Any semi transparent objects you wish to experiment with
What to wear

Casual clothing (that may get blue drips)

Appropriate for

All ages


NOIR Darkroom

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By supporting a mixture of emerging and established artists, NOIR aims to grow our creative community and connect artists from different backgrounds with each other.

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Cancelation & Refund Policy

We do not issue refunds on workshops if for any reason participants cannot attend on the day. We can, however, transfer participants into other workshops held at NOIR darkroom.

For special circumstances please contact and we will do our best to work with you to resolve the issue.

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