Japanese Cooking Group Lesson - Mirin & Soy Sauce

Next Available: Sun, 19 Aug 10:00AM
3.0 hours


Mirin and Soy sauce-

This is the class we recommend to start Japanese cooking.

Packed full of information and fabulous food. You will learn how to use Mirin and Soy sauce through making many dishes together. We will make sure you understand how to use Mirin and soy sauce in the class, then you don't need to see a recipe for Japanese dishes anymore! You can create many your own Japanese dishes by yourself at home.

  • Japanese Rice
  • Teriyaki chicken
  • Nikujaga
  • Japanese style Vegetable gravy
  • Udon & Soba noodle
  • Agedashi tofu or egg plant.
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What you will learn
  • Packed full of information and fabulous food
  • Learn how to use Mirin and Soy sauce through making many dishes togethe
  • Create many your own Japanese dishes by yourself
What you will get
  • Teriyaki chicken and rice for two
  • Nikujaga for two
  • We will eat other dishes in the class

What to bring
  • Bring-Your-Own apron and two medium or large containers.
What to wear



Shikisai Cooking

Vendor since 2015

About Shikisai

The word “Shikisai” is translated as “the colour of four seasons.”

Japanese foods are often designed to represent the colours of a season, or even all four seasons. Shikisai also evokes the source and provenance of quality ingredients we should always aim to use in our cooking – seasonal foods give a dish its unique taste and meaning.

Shikisai Cooking was founded to build Perth people’s knowledge and ability to cook Japanese food, and help them to create high quality, healthy family meals. We are a small group of Japanese cuisine teachers and assistants with a shared goal of sending our students home full of confidence and inspired to cook delicious Japanese food, whether it is for a quiet family meal or a large dinner party.

About the teacher 

Principal cooking teacher Kyoko Seta is an accomplished Japanese cook specialising in elegant Osakan-style dishes. Kyoko has lived in Perth since 1998, and runs an acclaimed WA Japanese restaurant.

Kyoko has a lifelong love of bringing fresh, quality ingredients to the table, whether the meal is for her children or for the guests in her restaurant. She remembers digging up tender bamboo shoots and collecting mountain vegetables for her mother’s cooking when she lived in Kawachi village, Osaka, as a child. Kyoko’s mother and grandmother were known as excellent cooks; every meal was homemade, and the large family always enjoyed their meals together. Although they were a time-poor family of many, they still lovingly made their favourite dishes from common, low cost ingredients. These family experiences formed the groundwork for Kyoko’s philosophy of cooking and food.

Being a professional cook as well as a mother to two young children, Kyoko understands the challenges of cooking delicious, healthy food – whether it is for many, or for a small family meal. She brings her traditional cooking style and love for the best ingredients to her unique cooking classes in Perth, Western Australia. She believes food brings happiness, smiles, fun and communication to relationships – and anyone who wishes to cook healthy, quality Japanese cuisine can learn and enjoy new cooking skills that will last for a lifetime.

Kyoko teaches using a simple system to help you prepare classic dishes, or even invent your own varieties of sushi and other loved Japanese foods. 

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Terms & Conditions

Payment Terms and Conditions

We require full payment upon booking your class. Sorry, but we cannot offer a refund. If you cannot make the class that day, please contact Shikisai as soon as possible to change the date, keep your credit for another class within 6 months, or change your booking to a gift voucher (up to 1 week before the class). If you cancel within 1 week of your class, we cannot credit your payment to a new class, so we recommend you pass your class voucher on to someone who can attend. 

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14 June 2018 • Japanese Cooking Group Lesson - Mirin & Soy Sauce

We really enjoyed the Japanese cooking class on Sunday, great having a small group so you can be more involved.


26 July 2017 • Japanese Cooking Group Lesson - Mirin & Soy Sauce

It was the best class of this type that I have attended. Informative, professional, friendly and great value for money. I will be attending more courses by Shikisai Geof Whyte


30 June 2016 • Japanese Cooking Group Lesson - Mirin & Soy Sauce

The course was exactly what I was after. It gave me the basics of how to flavour Japanese food and a good platform to develop my skills. Kyoko was not only very knowledgeable but explained things well. I will be back to do further classes with her.

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