Beginner Entomology

Beginner Entomology

Introduction to butterfly and moth pinning.

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7 hours 30 minutes
Over 20 people have attended this class


Jason Penfold introduces you to the world of butterfly and moth preservation with the Beginner Entomology class. This class is designed to give you the fundamental knowledge and practical skills needed to preserve butterflies and moths to a museum standard. 

Choosing from a curated collection of A1 quality butterflies and moths, you’ll be shown how to rapidly rehydrate your specimens, before pinning, posing and displaying them in a traditional entomology display.


Through clear demonstrations and group tuitions, you’ll be taught how to handle entomology equipment, how to construct pinning boards and how to easily pin specimens. All methods are taught so that they’re easily replicated at home, ensuring your entomology journey continues well after the class. 


Jason articulates each specimen’s anatomy in great detail, educating students on correct handling methods to preserve the delicate structure of the specimens. The theory portion of the class is lightly interlaced throughout the day, ensuring it remains exciting, relevant and rewarding. 


Jason’s fine art background has assisted him in developing the Beginner Entomology class into an engaging experience, one that teaches students to work with specimens in a practical and dynamic way. You’ll leave the class with extensive skills in specimen preservation which, supported by anatomical knowledge and various methods of pinning, will allow you to create museum standard entomology displays at home.


Each Violet Eyes Entomology class gives students exclusive access to Jason’s curated store, filled with natural history, entomology tools and a range of unique specimens. This selection aims to provide students with something unique so that students can start their own self-made museum.  


Everything from tool to specimen is provided and no prior experience is needed to attend. This class is a catered event that will provide a home-cooked lunch, with dishes revolving around fresh, seasonal produce.


Violet Eyes Entomology has an ongoing commitment to ensuring practices are ecological. All classes use sustainable and renewable resources wherever possible and Jason is committed to passing on these practices to you. To support the local community, 10% of all proceeds go towards supporting young artists develop their own art practices.


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What you will learn

  • The start to finish process process of pinning and preserving 4 butterflies and moths

What you will get

  • 4 pinned and preserved specimens with shadow box and Entomology tools.

What to bring

  • An excitement for a rare hands on experience.

What to wear

What ever makes you feel like the jewel you are!

Appropriate for

Everyone of all of skill levels are welcome.

Violet Eyes Entomology

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Jason Penfold grew up in country Australia, where his love for natural history began to grow. Surrounded by plants, animals and stones, his imagination and strong connection to nature has always been a passion.


Jason's love for stones and minerals was nurtured through a family passion for Lapidary, which goes back two generations. Guided by his grandma, he has fond memories of foraging for semi precious stones in his hometown of country New South Wales. 


In 2012, Jason began teaching himself how to preserve and pin various butterflies, moths and arachnids. A continued, self-driven education in entomology has lead Jason to work with museums across Australia and the USA, as well as private collectors, on various projects and additions.


Now living in Melbourne, Australia, Jason's art practise marries his love of Lapidary and Entomology into small scale sculptures enveloped in rich symbolism and archetypal meaning.


Having previously taught Entomology in Australia and internationally, Jason now brings his own series of Entomology workshops to the public, spreading the great wonder and happiness that working so closely with nature brings.

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5.0 (10 reviews)
Katie rated it
20 Apr 2021Beginner Entomology
Such a beautiful class. I have always wondered how entomology was done and now I have a great base of knowledge. Thank you Jason.
Sarahrated it
20 Apr 2021Beginner Entomology
Jason's entomology class was fantastic, engaging, fun and informative. He broke down the process so it was simple and showed a variety of different methods so each student could find the method they preferred. I highly recommend!!
amberrated it
18 Apr 2021
The Beginners Entomology class was nothing short of amazing. Jason did a great job of making sure the students felt welcome, included and kept the vibe fun and relaxing. He ensured that all of us understood the steps and did not hesitate to lend a hand if we were unsure and needed help. Jason taught me skills that I will definitely be able to use independently. I would happily take his course again and again.
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