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yvetterated it
16 Feb 2022
I can’t recommend this workshop enough! This was such a fantastic and informative day. Jason is a wonderful and patient teacher, as well as an extremely welcoming host (he even made lunch for us!). He nails every aspect of the experience from his knowledge and expertise, to his teaching style, to the food, right down to the decor. I’m super pleased with how my specimens turned out and I’m forever grateful for the skills/knowledge/confidence I acquired from this workshop so I can keep on pinning little critters.
Katie rated it
20 Apr 2021
Such a beautiful class. I have always wondered how entomology was done and now I have a great base of knowledge. Thank you Jason.
Sarahrated it
20 Apr 2021
Jason's entomology class was fantastic, engaging, fun and informative. He broke down the process so it was simple and showed a variety of different methods so each student could find the method they preferred. I highly recommend!!
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About Violet Eyes Entomology

Violet Eyes Entomology
Member since 2020
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Jason Penfold grew up in country Australia, where his love for natural history began to grow. Surrounded by plants, animals and stones, his imagination and strong connection to nature has always been a passion.


Jason's love for stones and minerals was nurtured through a family passion for Lapidary, which goes back two generations. Guided by his grandma, he has fond memories of foraging for semi precious stones in his hometown of country New South Wales. 


In 2012, Jason began teaching himself how to preserve and pin various butterflies, moths and arachnids. A continued, self-driven education in entomology has lead Jason to work with museums across Australia and the USA, as well as private collectors, on various projects and additions.


Now living in Melbourne, Australia, Jason's art practise marries his love of Lapidary and Entomology into small scale sculptures enveloped in rich symbolism and archetypal meaning.


Having previously taught Entomology in Australia and internationally, Jason now brings his own series of Entomology workshops to the public, spreading the great wonder and happiness that working so closely with nature brings.

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