Top 9 Creative Classes and Workshops in Perth

Your Perth guide on tapping your creative powers

Creativity 4 min read Sep 25, 2019

Perth is many things to many people, but not many realise what a hub of creative activity it is. If you’ve been itching to take up a new hobby, boost your creative repertoire by booking into one of many exciting classes and workshops on offer in Perth.

Artist Talk: Kyle Hughes-Odgers at Work-Shop

Hearing artists talk can be fascinating, especially when you’re an aspiring creative. Join in on the conversation and hear from Perth-based artist and children’s illustrator Kyle Hughes-Odgers discuss about his work, process and experiences as an artist which started in the 2000s. Kyle Hughes-Odgers is known for his unique figurative and abstract based works. There will also be plenty of time to ask your own questions for Kyle at the end.

Where: Work-Shop Freo
When: July 8th
Cost: $35

Silversmithing Skills with Contemporary Metal

Learn all the techniques required to create your own beautiful silver vessels with Philip Noakes of Contemporary Metal, who is a recognised silversmith and has been in practice in the last 45 years. In this workshop, you will make a silver objects in just six hours from scratch (could be a shallow copper bowl, a silver spoon, a raised copper beaker or bowl), while learning the basics of silversmithing.

Where: Osborne Park, WA
When: Multiple dates from July to September
Cost: $115

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Ear Candy at Work-Shop

Pom poms are definitely the hottest trend these days. We’re seeing them dangling everywhere, even on ears! In this workshop, you’ll be making fabulous pompom and tassel earrings with only a few items required. Easy. You’ll walk away with two statement pieces and be able to use your new skills to create future jewellery or craft projects.

Where: Work-Shop Freo
When: July 15th
Cost: $60

Glow Painting at Work-Shop

If you’ve been looking to do something out of the ordinary in Perth, this workshop fits the bill. Wear your white and join a night of self-expression and glowing under the black lights! You will be welcomed with a glow in the dark cocktail which you will learn to make yourself, paint yourself (or someone else) and enjoy this painting class that is totally unique, unexpected and wonderful.

Where: Work-Shop Freo
When: July 20th
Cost: $45

Painting With Texture with Malini Parker

If you’ve never painted a day in your life, you could still end up creating marvelous works of art at the end of Malini’s workshop. Malini opens the doors for a whole new method of self-expression as she shares her wonderful techniques and tips that use actual lace and leaves from the garden to create beautiful textural effects in abstract paintings. At the end of the day, you get to take home 4 new paintings that you’ve made yourself.

Where: Kyilla Primary School, Selkirk Street, North Perth
When: July 29th AND 30th
Cost: $495 (Early Bird), $550 (Regular), $450 (Bring-a-Friend)

Flash Fiction at Work-Shop

Learn how to write for the 21st century reader in this workshop hosted by published flash fiction writer MIchael Buckingam Gray. While the concept of flash ficton is nothing new, flash has become the ideal for our modern short attention spans, our smartphones, tablets, notebooks and laptops. In this 3-hour class, Michael will get you up to speed with what flash fiction is and its history, the techniques and structure to this form of creative writing, and the ideal ways to break into publishing.

Where: Work-Shop Freo
When: July 26th
Cost: $50

Introduction to Jewellery Making Skills with Contemporary Metal

What better way to break into the world of jewellery making than in a fantastic fully equipped jewellery making studio with Perth? This six-week course sets the perfect stage for learning the basics of jewellery design and making. For each stage of the course, you will learn to make unique pieces of silver jewellery, from silver and gemstone rings, to toggle bracelets, among others.

Where: Osborne Park, WA
When: August 2nd & 19th, September 20th, October 28th, November 1st
Cost: $460 (6-Week Class)

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2-Day Airbrush Beginners Workshop with Advanced Airbrush

Taught by award-winning airbrush artist Wayne Harrison who has been a professional airbrush artist for over 35 years, this two-day workshop will cover all of the basics of airbrush, the equipment used and drills and techniques to push yourself to the next level. You will complete 2 projects during your 2 day workshop, and gain skills you can use to further your knowledge in other aspects of airbrushing.

Where: Rockingham Art Centre
When: August 5th
Cost: $295 (2-day workshop), bring a friend and save 15% on your second ticket

Pottery and Sculpture with Graham Hay

Learn to sculpt with clay alongside a professional sculptor, Graham Hay, who has been teaching his clsses since 1988. You will learn to master both traditional and modern techniques and turn your idea into tangible, beautiful work of art. Class includes all materials and tools, and a lovely cup of tea or coffee.

Where: Robertson Park Artists Studio
When: August 9th, October 18th
Cost: $157