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Sustainable Gardening Course

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Interested in hands on sustainable gardening? Enthused about growing your own organic fruit, herbs and vegetables to share with your family and friends?

If you want to know more about organic gardening but don’t know where to start than this course is for you. Join CERES Trainer, Justin Calverley as he introduces you to the basics of horticulture, permaculture and organic gardening. This course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to confidently propagate seedlings, save seeds, grow vegetables and more!

This course can be delivered at your own community garden plot. If you have a group of 10+ participants interested in completing this course at your location.

Session Outline:

  1. Intro to sustainable gardening and permaculture principles
  2. Soils and their preparation
  3. Composting, worm farming and fertilisers
  4. Organic vegetable production
  5. Organic fruit production
  6. Bushfoods and Berries
  7. Seed saving and propagating
  8. Water Management and Guild Planting

This is an ACFE Approved Pre-accredited Course where the cost is subsidised for eligible participants. ACFE Information and Eligibility.

ACFE Eligible participants are deemed eligible through an interview process with our career pathways officer. The costs for these participants are $65 - ACFE Information and Eligibility.

Contact Karen Mengell on 9389 0127 or karen.mengell@ceres.org.au for more information and to book an interview. 

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What you will learn
  • Intro to sustainable gardening and permaculture principles
  • Soils and their preparation
  • Composting, worm farming and fertilisers
What you will get
  • A selection of expert CERES Trainers providing hands-on practical experience balanced with theory covering a variety of urban farming topics; Information fact sheets.
  • Dedicated garden space at CERES to put learning into practice.

What to bring
  • Comfortable enclosed shoes/boots
  • Gardening gloves
  • Appropriate weather gear eg sunhat
  • Pen and paper
  • Lunch
  • Enthusiasm to learn and get your hands dirty’
What to wear

Casual (Warning: This might get messy)


CERES Education

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CERES – Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies, is an award winning, not-for-profit, sustainability centre located on 4.5 hectares on the Merri Creek in East Brunswick, Melbourne.

We are a not-for-loss community business. We run extensive environmental education programs, urban agriculture projects, green technology demonstrations and a number of social enterprises including a market, grocery, café, community kitchen, organic online supermarket and a permaculture and bushfood nursery.

CERES (pronounced ‘series’) is a place where people come together to share ideas about living well together, and directly participate in meeting their social and material needs in a sustainable way. Through social enterprises, education and training, employment and community engagement, CERES provides the means by which people can build awareness of current local and global issues, and join in the movement for economic, social and environmental sustainability.

For thousands of years the Wurundjeri people lived on the land where CERES now stands. The Merri Creek was a focus of their lifestyle, a place to swim and play and a vital source of food. Following the European invasion, the Victorian gold rush and the growth of Melbourne city, the site was quarried for bluestone then turned into a landfill site… As industry moved in the water became polluted and the trees and wildlife disappeared.

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23 July 2018 • Sustainable Gardening Course

Was very accessible


13 February 2018 • Sustainable Gardening Course

VERY informative Justin , our teacher is very interesting and engaging


31 October 2017 • Sustainable Gardening Course

I completed the Sustainable Gardening course at CERES. This is essentially a taster course covering the basics of, you guessed it, sustainable gardening. I have some gardening experience, others had more than me, several had less - we all learned a great deal from this course. Expect to cover soil, nutrients, watering, composting, worm farming, weeds, pests, fruit, veggies, a basic overview of permaculture concepts, guild planting ... I could go on. If you want to start a garden or fine tune your existing skills you need to do this workshop. It's brilliant. Additionally the teacher is a living gardening legend, what a resource! He is extremely knowledgeable and supportive, not to mention highly engaging an oft times entertaining. Loved every minute of this course. My confidence, skills and knowledge have grown immensely and I'm already reaping the rewards in my garden (fact). I am growing food in places I would have otherwise put chip bark and from the course alone I'm already growing enough green leafy veg and herbs for 2 adults (in a small space) with much more to come (all my seeds have taken off and I can see a very fruitful season ahead!). Very grateful for all that I have learned. Plus, you get to hang out with other gardening people an that's always a bonus.