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Gain the Creative Advantage

Seven steps to enhanced creativity

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Creativity is the most fundamental of human qualities, a unique trait of our species and the most important asset we have. It enables us to plan a future, to imagine what’s possible and to imagine requires creativity.

Combined with your brain’s 80 billion neurons you’re already geared to have a creative advantage in life, so how can you use this to be your best self?

The Creative Advantage is a deep dive into the science that fuels creativity. It explains how we can rewire our brain, understand our motivators, modify our behaviours, boost our skillset and instill habits to give us an advantage in this rapidly changing and competitive world.

By demystifying creativity and demonstrating that it’s a learned skillset, it provides practical ways to tap into creative problem-solving techniques to incorporate into the everyday life choices.

With creative insight comes increased confidence to change your personal circumstances and in doing so the world around you, giving you understanding, knowledge and an advantage in all aspects of life.

This is a self paced course that you can do in your own time. 

This online program is designed as a self-paced format and includes:

  • Over 5 hours of video that correspond to each step in The Creative Advantage Program Model,
  • a Program Booklet (120 pages) that includes a comprehensive summary of each video transcript, source references and additional resources, and
  • a Practical Guide that includes 23 activities to reinforce each step in the program model.

About the Program Creator and Facilitator:

Maria Simonelli is a creative catalyst and passionate about encouraging others to dive into the power of their creative potential.

As an author, educator and artist, Maria has spent her life building creative capacity across business and community that results in real and positive change.

With qualifications in education, science, research, visual arts and neuroscience, she combines these disciplines to support individuals and organisations to develop their creative skillsets, by identifying and creating the conditions that enhance creativity.

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What you will learn

  • The Creative Problem Solving Process a universal tool for everyday and bigger problems; as well as the tools, strategies and activities to incorporate creativity to enhance both our personal and professional lives.
  • What’s happening in the brain and how we can rewire it for creative insight and; The science linking creativity and brain health and enhance the body-brain connection.
  • How the key elements of creativity can be cultivated; Practical ways to introduce play, daydreaming, mind-body connections to expand creative powers; and The value of building creative muscles through habit formation.

What you will get

  • Over 5 hours of videos, • a Program Booklet that includes a comprehensive summary of each video transcript, source references and additional resources, and • a Practical Guide that includes 23 activities to reinforce each step in the program model.

What to bring

  • Your interest to learn!

What to wear

No lab coat needed - Just come casual

Appropriate for

No prerequisites, just a keen interest in creativity and contemporary science.

The Creative Catalyst

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The Creative Catalyst provides a range of unique approaches that build creative competencies, skillsets and collaborative workplace cultures.

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