Optimising Creativity for Health & Well-Being On-Demand

Optimising Creativity for Health & Well-Being

The Creative Advantage Life Cycle Series

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This online program focuses on exploring how creativity can assist throughout our life with a focus on overall mental health well-being as we mature and age. It explores everyday creativity and how we might shape and realise our vision for a life well lived and the role creativity can play in this.

Everyday creativity is about personal creativity and is central to our way of life. It’s often expressed as little-c creativity. In thinking about everyday creativity as a creative advantage, this can provide enormous potential for originality, adaptation and improvisation.

Everyday creativity is not about the trivia of life. It’s about things that might lead to a discovery from where a more important accomplishment can grow. In pursuing a creative life every day, we can explore new possibilities and self-expression as a way of being, and experimentation as a style of existing.

It’s where we see the relevance of Abraham Maslow’s self-actualisation model of creativity and the development of self, which he believed helps us to grow and develop as human beings.

It also explores at length a more ‘hands-on’ experience through art practices that enable us to express ourselves creatively. There’s been a growth in studies that quantify the mental health and overall well-being benefits of creative practices. Engaging in creative activities has been attributed to improving rates of depression, reducing the body’s response to stress, assisting with cognitive decline, boosting the immune system to an increase in happiness. Learn how.

This is a self-paced course that you can do in your own time.

This online program includes:

  • One and half hours of video,
  • a Program Booklet (85 pages) that includes a comprehensive summary of each video transcript, source references and additional resources, and  reflective activities.

This online program covers:

Foundational Concepts

  • Pro, Big or Little ‘C’
  • Why we need to be creative
  • When did humans evolve to be creative?
  • The brain’s balancing act

The Significance of Everyday Creativity 

  • The intersection of creativity and well-being
  • Reflective activity: How to leverage your advantage to expand your everyday creativity

Everyday Creativity Through the Arts

  • Crafting a healthier mindset
  •  Innovative approaches to healthcare
  • The benefits of creative activities on mental health
  • Utilising the arts to assist learning
  • Do the arts have a superpower?
  •  Reflective activity : Where can you introduce art and craft into your well-being approach?

Maximising Our Creativity As We Age 

  • The changing brain
  • Sustaining creativity as we mature
  • Reflective activity: Are you a sprinter or marathoner? 
  • Quiz : Do you recognise these great creators?


Creativity Is Our Greatest Asset

Additional Resources

  • What is the Foresight Thinking Profile?
  • Additional reading, references and reflective activities

Bonus offer - more about the Foursight Creative Thinking Profile


About the Program Creator and Facilitator:

Maria Simonelli is a creative catalyst and passionate about encouraging others to dive into the power of their creative potential.

As an author, educator and artist, Maria has spent her life building creative capacity across business and community that results in real and positive change.

With qualifications in education, science, research, visual arts and neuroscience, she combines these disciplines to support individuals and organisations to develop their creative skillsets, by identifying and creating the conditions that enhance creativity.

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What you will learn

  • Explore how both the concept and practice of everyday creativity can assist us to thrive throughout our lifespan ;
  • Discover the health benefits associated with creative art practices;
  • Understand how brain health and learning can be enhanced through creative practices, and how to integrate creative approaches as we age.

What you will get

  • 1.5 hour video
  • A Program Booklet that includes a comprehensive summary of each video transcript, source references, additional resources, and a reflective activity.

What to bring

  • Your interest to learn!

What to wear

No lab coat needed - Just come casual

Appropriate for

No prerequisites, just a keen interest in art, creativity and contemporary science.

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