A Message from Graham Hay:
If you have COVID, or symptoms, please reschedule without penalty prior to your class/workshop. All current WA government COVID regulations are enforced. In addition to these, all eating and drinking utilities are machine washed before classes. All clay tools and work surfaces are frequently cleaned by all students and tutor with water containing a mild surfactant.
2023/2024 central Perth Pottery and Sculpture Classes

Perth Pottery and Sculpture Class 2023

High quality perth pottery & sculpture art classes

Next Available: Wed, 27 Sep 12:00PM (AWST)
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2 hours 30 minutes
Over 100 people have attended this class



Learn Relax Create

Flexible attendance and professional instruction with highly trained, qualified, accredited and experienced ceramic teacher..

Ongoing students able to reschedule attendance to suit their personal circumstances (eg: work, travel, family, health, COVID) anytime up to two hours before their next scheduled class.

Expert Experienced Tuition

Teaching and assistance is customised to suit your  background, abilities, and preferences.  You learn and make what interests you, at your own speed, with immediate, high quality assistance and instruction. This is possible because of the quality hands on instruction.

Graham has deep experience teaching just ceramics to beginners and the experienced for over 30 years.   He has  ceramic art and ceramic education specialist tertiary qualifications and has been invited to  teach ceramics in a dozen countries.  This includes 300+ primary, secondary, tertiary, and community institutions, as well as to professional ceramic artists and art educators at national and international workshops and conferences  (list here).  

This expertise and deep experience led to invitations to write  articles for international journals and inclusion of  artwork in  ceramic text books and public art collections in many countries. His ceramic art has won international awards and appeared in 160 exhibitions in a dozen countries, including Biennales in Australia, Holland, Argentina, Romania, and Italy (see artist CV).  

Students work this week on Instagram: @perthpotterysculpture

Youtube overview: youtube.com/watch?v=sb5bQiVA1Zg


If you have COVID, or symptoms, please contact Graham prior to the event and reschedule without penalty.  All studio food and drink utilities are machine washed.  Clay tools and work surfaces are cleaned with water containing a mild surfactant.  Classes and workshops average 6 participants,  providing good personal space (@ 28 March'23).


Find any online reviews via Google link: reviews "Perth Pottery and Sculpture Classes"   

To ensure you are absolutely happy, buy and attend your first lesson, before buying more lessons.  

Only one or two beginning students  at a time join a class group.

Both you and regular students receive plenty of individual assistance.

A quarter have attended for over five years, some over a decade. a few over two decades.

Small, highly individual classes, with a weekly average of 6 friendly students per class.  

Plus you receive greater support and encouragement from the teacher (and other students), compared to a large class of mostly beginners.  

Regardless of your level of experience, you are looked after and made most welcome.

You will receive timely instruction and advise whenever you require it (before any disasters!)

Incremental expert advise helps you  create at your own pace.  

Individual instruction means all students may pause, and resume, their attendance.   

Regardless of reason (health, work, family, holiday, travel, COVID etc), your class credit is protected if you notify me at least 2 hours beforehand.

This means attending all students present are healthy, happy, producing a relaxed atmosphere.  

These are socially dynamic classes, with students appearing, disappearing and then re-appearing week by week.  We don't bride with alcohol or food, although students are welcome to bring both.

No two students make the same work, so you learn both from myself and fellow students.

Simple steps are provided for you to help you decide what to create, help you make your work, based upon your specific preferences, confidence, prior skills and knowledge.

Many enjoy the classes being held within an open plan studio, surrounded by friendly, professional working artists.

The relaxed environment is enhanced by the light filled, high ceiling studio environment, within a beautiful inner-city park.

Try before you buy more lessons:

Decide during the first lesson if you wish to continue, or not, with further lessons. 

Beginner Discount?

If you purchase further lessons during your first lesson, you receive an immediate 20% discount on any bundle of lessons in the table below (a $100-350 saving). The larger the bundle bought, the greater the discount.

For example: The fee for 10 lessons is $880 - $176 (beginner discount of 20% off $880) = $704 (i.e. a $17 savings on each lesson). If ever unsure, please purchase fewer classes.

This initial discount only applies if a bundle of lessons is purchased during the first lesson. Do not buy further lessons unless completely happy with your experience.

Bulk Discount?

To enable students to purchase a variety of bundles of lessons, to suit their personal circumstances.

To give new students plenty of expert assistance, while recognising that long term students contribute to the studio and classes in many ways.

Once you are enrolled and have bought lessons during your first class, you may pause and resume your attendance at any time (due to health, holidays, travel, work, family etc) and change classes,

To avoid losing class credits, always text or email date changes at least two hours before the lesson, and include a return date. The class confirmation emails and reminder emails offer a quick and easy way to do this.

New students are urged to read first "Try before you buy" (just above).

Lesson Fees

Lessons  $ Total (ave)  

     1     153 (153)

    3     396 (132)    

    6      588 (98)

    9      810  (90)

    12    1044 (87)

    15    1215 (81)

    18    1350 (75)

    21    1449 (69)

    24    1560 (65)

    30    1830 (61)

     32  1824  (57)

20% discount for beginner purchases during their first lesson (see example above).

EFTPOS, all major credit cards and Afterpay accepted.

Lessons bought in one year can be used over the next two years.

Current Class Day and Times:

Wednesday:       12 noon - 2.30 pm*

Wednesday:       6 pm - 8.30 pm*     

Friday:                 9:30 am - 12 noon*       

Saturday:           1 pm - 3:30 pm*

* No classes 18-25 April, 19-20 May, 5-20 Sept 2023 (invited to give workshops in Broken Hill and Tasmania).

  Apart from these dates, the classes run continuously through the year, with only occasional gaps for a few new students. 


A Creative Space.

The classes (est 1998) are held in the Farmer Street Studio, in the North Perth Community Centre, next to the North Perth Tennis Club, 10 Farmer Street, North Perth, Western Australia. 

Previously the classes and studio were in Robertson Park, Western Perth (2000-2022) and before that Wellman Street 1998-2000.

The new studio is a spacious, light-filled space, leased from the City of Vincent by a group of professional artists.

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What you will learn

  • How to select (or develop) an idea or process, suitable to your own confidence and skill.
  • To progressively master both traditional and contemporary clay techniques.
  • How to make your work, by simple, short, incremental steps, at your own speed, with expert tuition.

What you will get

  • New, and increased knowledge, skill and confidence with clay.
  • Start classes when you are ready, pause and resume when it suits you, without penalty (just let us know).
  • Try before you buy: Buy only the first class. Decide at that class how many lessons you want (generous discounts).
  • Free 10 kg bag of soft clay, and use of studio tools and equipment.
  • Free parking, tea and real coffee.
  • Welcomed into a supportive community of similar, like minded students and artists.
Parking Info

Plenty of free parking on Farmer Street, or on Namur Street (the street on the opposite (north) side of the venue).  

What to bring

  • Bring any drawings, pictures, digital images you might have (optional).

What to wear

An old shirt or comfortable clothes. Covered shoes are necessary as this is a working studio. An old towel to dry your hands.

Appropriate for

Adults only (a child free space for parents)

Graham Hay

(41 Reviews)

Graham has taught ceramics since 1998.

He is nationally and internationally recognised as an expert in both ceramic art and also ceramic education.


Graham specialised in ceramics at high school and Teachers College, and holds separate degrees from Edith Cowan, and Curtin (hons) universities, majored in ceramics and sculpture.

His work has appeared in 150 exhibitions in ten countries, and is in public collections in six countries.

Graham has taught over 200 workshops in 12 countries, and co-lead Hungarian and US international ceramics conferences and symposiums (see www.grahamhay.com.au/workshops.html).

Authored 25 articles in ceramic journals in six countries.

Graham is very experienced teaching at absolutely beginners, intermediate and expert levels.

Frequently he teaches in schools, tertiary institutions, groups of beginners, professional artists and art educators (website).

Focuses on assisiting all students master techniques, gain confidence, relax completely, and produce amazing work.

Generous by nature, he shares over 200 pages of information on http://www.grahamhay.com.au.  Visit it and be inspired.

Read online reviews going back to 2009. Just click or cut and paste 

perth+pottery+and+sculpture+classes "review"

then Google it.

Graham is committed to excellence in ceramics education.  Since 1993 he has been recording all positive, and negative, student evaluation sheet comments verbatim from all workshops at http://www.grahamhay.com.au/comments.html

He regularly travels globally to share with and learn from fellow ceramic expert teachers.

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5.0 (14 reviews)
Kristyrated it
05 Oct 2022
Such an enjoyable and informative experience with Graham Hay, in an intimate studio setting, definitely worth checking out when visiting Perth.
Graham Hay 29 Mar 2023

Thanks Kristy for the praise.  Coming from another pottery teacher it's greatly appreciated! All the very best with your further travels and in your own studio.

Laurenrated it
01 Jun 2022
This was a great introduction to pottery in a welcoming and inspiring environment. Graham was passionate and provided clear guidance in his tuition, Looking forward to further lessons and what I will create.
Graham Hay 29 Mar 2023

Hi Lauren.  Thanks for your review.  My apologies for not responding earlier.  Good to see you in the studio each week and fantastic to see how you are now really starting to develop your very own "clay vocabulary", making such fun figures!

Fleurrated it
15 Nov 2021
Graham welcomed me on arrival and provided inspirational material for my first project. A really encouraging beginning to my pottery and clay experience.
Graham Hay 29 Mar 2023

Thanks Fleur for this review and for coming along for nearly a year.  All the best in your creative journey!

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Cancellations & Refunds

If the organiser cancels the class:

You are entitled to a full refund.

If you can't attend the class:

You may cancel anytime before class starts and claim a full refund.

Terms & Conditions

Class Conditions (not applicable for workshops):

1. Courtesy Saves: If you can't attend any class, your lesson credit is only protected (ie "rolled over") if you email or text me before the lesson, AND provide a specific "date of return to class".  

The quickest and easiest way is by using the reschedule link in class confirmation or reminder emails.

This information is essential to prevent too large or too small classes. 

I will confirm receipt of you text or email, and that your place in the class reserved. 

If you do not provide a return date, or do not attend the lesson, your balance will decline each week. When your balance reached zero, your shelve will be cleared (to make space for new students) and all clay recycled.

If you let me know via email/text, lessons can be rolled over for up to 2 years.

2. Similarly, if you are returning to classes after a prolonged absence, please contact me well before to ensure a place is reserved for you.

3. You can change which day and time you attend classes, and even attend more than one lesson per week, provided you have first discussed it with me, and there is space in the class.  If you are using the automatic system, you'll see live online were the gaps are and can immediately reschedule.

4. If you are likely to be away for more than two months, you will be asked to temporarily take your clay and creations home (so to make space for new students, and to encourage you to keep making at home). Upon your return a space will be again made available for you.

5. Want more flexibility? Just ask.

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