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Established in 2003, The Melbourne Sports Institute is dedicated to developing youth sport by providing sporting staff and services to schools, clubs & students.

The primary aim of the Melbourne Sports Institute is to nurture the development of sport from grass roots to professional levels in Victoria while embracing Australian values of fair play, team unity and morale.

Physical exercise and the continued development of athletic skills during youth set the stage for success as an adult. Using sport as a vehicle, we provide a distinctive educational encounter that will become the building blocks for students’ continued physical, emotional and social development.

Melbourne Sports Institute sporting programs are comprehensive learning opportunities for students of all cultures and ages as the games based learning focus incorporates not only the cognitive and physical development of the child but also the emotional and social development that is learnt through team play.

Melbourne Sports Institute is committed to providing a positive sporting experience for each student participating in our programs.

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Terms & Conditions

By booking with the Melbourne Sports Institute (MSI) Sport Academy you hereby acknowledge and agree with MSI Terms and Conditions.

1. Children participating must have appropriate clothing and footwear to ensure safety and maximum enjoyment.

2. In case of an emergency MSI have the right to provide medical treatment or seek ambulance assistance with any associated costs passed on to the parent/ guardian of the child.

3. MSI Sport Academy reserves the right to cancel any session at any time if it is deemed unsafe for use due to unexpected circumstances.

4. MSI Staff will provide the utmost care for all children, however, in the event that an accident might occur MSI Staff will not be held liable for the injury or illness. Parents/ guardians and children must understand that by participating they do so at their own risk and therefore indemnify MSI Sport Academy against all actions, suits, proceedings, demands, costs and expenses.

5. MSI Sport Academy must be alerted of any medical conditions that a child may have that could affect their ability, enjoyment, wellbeing or risk of injury.

6. MSI Sport Academy will not be held accountable for any loss or damage to personal belongings. It is the responsibility of the parents/ guardians and children to ensure their belongings are kept in a safe place.

7. MSI Sport Academy may capture photographs and/ or video footage for their own promotional use.

8. It is expected that parents/ guardians will arrive on time to pick up their child/ children.

9. In the event of extreme weather or any unforeseen circumstances during a training session children will be supervised under shelter where small games may be played (if appropriate) until their parents/ guardians arrive.

10. Due to high incidents of allergies please be advised not to bring any nuts or nut related products.

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14 July 2018 • Kick-Off Soccer Program - Term 2 Wantirna South

ok for a first time


09 July 2018 • Kick-Off Soccer Program - Term 2 Wantirna South

See the private message - do you really want it public?

Melbourne Sports Institute


We really appreciate you taking the time to leave this message. It is a program designed for beginner level players, but should still be inclusive of all within the age range. 

I believe we have identified the coach that you are referring to, and will be bringing him into our offices for professional development before sending him out to coach again. We have already organised 2 new and positive coaches for Term 3. 

In relation to the coach running late, we did always have 2 coaches allocated to coach the group, so the students would always have been supervised and the class would not have been cancelled. 


22 June 2018 • Term 2 Lunchtime Soccer Program Mt Waverley Hts

Cooper started out not being able to kick a ball! But after a few short sessions with James, we now have Cooper kicking his soccer ball and shooting for goals! Thanks James for your wonderful patience and work!

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