Melbourne City Rooftop Honey

(6) Melbourne, VIC


Our Story

We are Beekeepers with a vision of bringing bees back to the city and the suburbs of Melbourne. The aim is to be part a global effort to help save the honey bee from the various threats of disease and human habitation.

This project not only seeks to address issues of sustainability, it also aims to raise awareness of the importance of bees whilst creating delicious honey. By placing hives on the roof spaces of cafés, restaurants, hotels and individual's gardens in and around Melbourne we have reduced the distance from production to plate to mere metres.

Melbourne City Rooftop Honey joins the cities like Paris, London, Toronto, San Francisco New York, Hong Kong and many others where urban beekeeping is thriving.  The community benefits by some true ‘local’ produce – a delicious tasting honey which is unique to each site, with less actual food miles plus help green our City of Melbourne.



I had a terrific day for my Urban Bees mentoring session. Vanessa & Mat were super friendly, knowledgeable and candid. They have been keeping bees for 9+ years and have a terrific approach to the day. I got to handle three different hives and after the day felt very comfortable around the bees. With a bit more reading I would certainly feel confident to have my own hive. Best way to spend a sunny day in Melbourne, if you are at all curious about bees or keeping them!

Sep 2016
Introduction to Beekeeping (1) - 24 Sep 2016 10:00 AM

Such a great experience. Very informative and attentive to group.


Hi, I completed a Makers Work shop, on Build a Solar Powered Electronic Hive scale. The workshop was for 8 hours. I did not have the knowledge to do this project on my own. Five people there teaching the class, made it easy to learn. Catering was great. If you are thinking of doing a workshop, with We Teach You. I would give them six gold stars, out of five. I would do another workshop with, We Teach You anytime. Geoff. just turned 63.

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