Backyard Beekeeping

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This class provides you with a hands on learning experience with bees while being guided by an expert in back yard bees. Josh will teach you everything you need to know to be making honey by the Litre!

This class includes both theory and practice which allows you to put a suit on and open up a hive! Josh will also show you the bees and the make up of the hive and colony.

The class covers all aspects of setting up and managing a bee colony in your own backyard. This is a fantastic class especially if you are new to bees because we take you through the husbandry, safety, honey extraction, hive selection, swarm and queen selection!

The aim is for participants to gain a basic knowledge of honeybees and the methods of keeping them in a backyard environment.   

We will provide you with the protective gear to wear for the class! However if you wish to bring your won suit, it must be brand new for hive hygiene purposes. Please be sure to wear closed shoes that come to ankle height or thick socks.

Some things you will learn:

  • Honey bee biology and behaviour
  • Equipment for starting up a beehive we will demonstrate the different sorts of hives people are using
  • Regulations and location placement
  • Hygiene, diseases and prevention
  • Swarm capture, cut-outs and splits
  • Honey extraction
  • And lots, lots more.

You'll be making your own honey in know time!  So many of our participants have gone on to get their hive set up.  If you've ever been curious about beekeeping, this is the class for you!

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What you will learn
  • How to get started with backyard beekeeping
  • How to manage your hive and extract the good stuff
  • About pests and diseases
What you will get
  • Detailed notes for the a super yummy arvo tea!
  • Plain language instruction on how and where to get a hive
  • Practical experience up close to the hive (protective suits provided)

What to bring
  • You will need to bring loose clothing and advise us of any allergies prior to the class (especially allergies to bees!)
  • Notepad
  • Please wear closed shoes that are at least ankle height and thick socks.
What to wear

Casual loose fitting clothes

Appropriate for

Anyone interested in beekeeping



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11 February 2020 • BEGINNER Bees

We found the course well presented and informative. Josh & Brad were very approachable and the information was delivered in a relaxed atmosphere. Really enjoyed the day. We would recommend the course for all new beekeepers. Thanks Anni &Dave 🐝


08 February 2020 • BEGINNER Bees

Well worth it! Josh and Brad have a professional presentation, but the feel was relaxed and the group small enough for me to feel comfortable to ask questions. A bee manual was provided as was a print out of the PowerPoint presentation. Brilliant start to our budding bee hobby!!


08 February 2020 • BEGINNER Bees

What a fantastic experience for us both. We feel like we’ve left the course with a head full of information and a real passion to build our hives further. Brad and josh we’re fantastic presenters, wow we couldn't even stump josh with our questions. We’ll do another course with you, for sure. Thank you Gene and Vanessa - Mt. Gambier SA

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