Ceramic artist / studio potter Jane Sawyer gives a rare demo

Touch : Respond

wheel throwing demo and talk by Jane Sawyer

Live via Zoom
Over 50 people have attended this class


This online workshop is presented by Slow Clay Centre and Craft Victoria's Craft Contemporary 2021 Festival and will be delivered via Zoom. It will include a demonstration, a visual presentation and Q & A.

"Jane Sawyer's teasing vessels are finely balanced between awkwardness and elegance, indolence and vitality, playfulness and solemnity. They are forever in a state of becoming" *

Jane Sawyer will demonstrate some of the many techniques that have evolved over the past two decades from her unique free-style wheel throwing to her signature altering, manipulating and slip coating.  A visual presentation showing the underlying threads of the development of Jane's style will punctuate the demonstrations. Jane is looking forward to a lively exchange about making ceramics and living a life around clay and pots.

Jane's work is based on the premise that the maker, the material and the method dwell within a an equal and symbiotic dynamic relationship. Opening our awareness through touch and response can provide a meaningful pathway to evolving through clay . Jane draws on a blend of contemporary design, craft practice and conceptual curiosity. Versatile ceramic objects that sit somewhere between sculpture and function engage both the tactile and the visual senses, breaking down distinctions between art, craft and design, and provoking innovative use.

“Fluid, gestural and tactile, my ceramic art reflects an interest in, or perhaps an obsession with materiality, movement and engagement through the sense of touch. The physicality of the relationship between clay and our bodies interests me. Clay, like flesh, responds to and reflects touch. Using very soft clay and wet slip (a creamy clay coating) the fluidity of the material encourages movements to be simplified, refined and “choreographed” – an essence of the expression of gesture. Through this language of touch I seek to provoke intimacy and connection, from the wet clay to the "fired-frozen" object and it's life beyond my studio. Objects that will inhabit other environments whether domestic, gallery or landscape, can provide multiple dimensions for reading and provoke unique responses."

More:  www.janesawyer.com.au

All welcome, although some understanding of ceramic terminolgy will be helpful. 


Jane Sawyer is the founding director of Slow Clay Centre and lives her life centred around clay.  She completed a degree in art education majoring in ceramics which led directly to specialist full-time ceramics training with Andrew Halford, Sydney(1982-85) and Shussai-gama, Japan(1985-87). Jane’s first studio was in Edinburgh, Scotland(1987-1990) from where she exhibited throughout the UK. She returned to Autralia in 1990 and established a studio in inner city Melbourne. She is a passionate educator and founded Slow Clay Centre in 2012 to provide a comprehensive ceramics educational facility. Jane holds an MFA by research (RMIT, 2002) titled The Evocative Object, which investigated the power of the functional object to communicate through the sense of touch. Her ceramic practice has taken her to residencies and exhibitions in UK, Denmark and Japan and her work has received many awards and is held in institutional and private collections. Jane has served on the board of Craft Victoria,The World Crafts Council - Australia and is an exhibiting member of the International Academy Ceramics. 


info@slowclay.com or call 03 99437844.

*Peter Timms, The Age Newspaper, arts review, 2007

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What you will learn

  • See Jane's unique fresh throwing of large manipulated pieces
  • Hear about her journey with clay including her training in Japan and how her work has evolved since
  • Q & A discussion

What you will get

  • new knowledge and inspiration!

What to wear

stilettos are fine seeing as we are on Zoom! (Normally we would say leave them at home!)

Appropriate for

This workshop will interest advanced wheel throwers to expand their practice and beginners to be inspired

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4.7 (19 reviews)
Jillrated it
10 Oct 2021
I have always admired Jane's terracotta works and it was very interesting to listen to her talk about her work and to see her approach to throwing and altering forms to produce her beautiful relaxed works. Thank you Jane and all involved for an inspiring workshop.
Slow Clay Centre 05 Apr 2022

Thanks Jill, so great to have you there. 

Caterated it
07 Oct 2021
Touch : Respond was a wonderfully informative and illuminating virtual workshop from Slow Clay Centre. Jane shared her influences, inspiration, and techniques generously and although slightly plagued by technical sound issues managed to impart this knowledge clearly to all watching. The two hours flew by, my creativity is invigorated, and has me wanting to get back into the studio asap.
Slow Clay Centre 18 Dec 2021

Thanks so much Cate - so please you got so much out of it! 

Moyrarated it
05 Oct 2021
The time just flew! It was well prepared and well presented.... some history, some personal bits and lots to wonder at and emulate. What a great couple of hours so it's not surprising I was looking for more as it was drawing to a close. Excellent all round investment of time..
Slow Clay Centre 06 Oct 2021

so pleased you enjoyed it!

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