My name is Fabian Capomolla, some refer to me as the Hungry Gardener. My passion is Food and Gardens. I used to be one half of the Little Veggie Patch Co. 

Having Italian heritage, my dream has always to go and live in Italy for a year. In 2015, I made that dream come true, and my family and I moved  to Lucca, Italy. It was there where I worked on community garden, and learnt what it means to “Grow Italian”.

I have since returned to Australia, and am now setting up the Kitchen Garden at The Farm Yarra Valley.   The Farm Yarra Valley is an event space dedicated to showcasing quality Yarra valley produce. Wine, beer, cheese and fresh vegetables are produced on site.

I  am the garden presenter on Lifestyle channel.    And have a new book out called "The Hungry Gardener - Growing Food the Italian Way"

During the workshop / private lesson, I will help you become a better gardener, shareing all my tips and tricks. 

The lesson can be run in you own space, or alternatively at The Farm Yarra Valley. 

What will you learn

  • What does it mean to grow Italian? 
  • What’s it like gardening in Italy?
  • How to set up your veggie patch at home.
  • How to prepare your soil.
  • How to propagate and save seeds
  • How to plan and plant out your veggie patch
  • How to best address problems in your veggie patch; such as pests and disease.
  • Open forum forum to discuss and ask Fab your gardening questions
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Class Schedule

This workshop takes place at a suitable time for both parties. Could be at your own house / garden if required.

What you will learn
  • What does it mean to grow Italian? What’s it like gardening in Italy?
  • How to set up your veggie patch at home
  • How to best address problems in your veggie patch; such as pests and disease
What you will get
  • Open forum forum to discuss and ask Fab your gardening questions
  • All classes are taken by Fab.
  • Guided tour of the Farm at Yarra Valley
  • Option Addition: Lunch with Fab. Is a Sunday Roast and Glass of Vino, and some of the Yarra Valley’s finest produce. Contact directly to enquire
  • Option personally Signed Book "The Hungry Gardener - Growing Food the Italian Way."

What to bring
  • Just yourself and your love for all things green, good food, and great company!
  • Hat & Sunscreen
What to wear



The Hungry Gardener

Vendor since 2016

My Name is Fab.

OK…about me.  Well like most of you, I too find it difficult to write about myself. But here goes… 

My name is Fabian Capamolla, some refer to me as The Hungry Gardener.  

My passion is food and gardens, and in particular, where the two meet. I have no qualifications as a plant nerd, and I am useless with Latin botanical names, however, I do love plants, and more so, I love plants you can eat.  

In 2009 my passion for growing food took hold and I co-founded the Little Veggie Patch Co. The primary focus of the business was to help people grow food in their own homes. What began as a start-up operating out of my shed in Moorabbin, grew to be a Nursery in St Kilda East, and a garden club called 'Pop Up Patch' in Federation Square.  

I have been fortunate to be given the opportunity to publish three books, and appear as a guest presenter on Channel 10’s 'The Living Room'.  In 2014 I sold my share of Little Veggie Patch Co to pursue the other passion in my life, my family.  We lived in Lucca, Italy for 12 months where I worked in a community garden.  I have since returned to set up the Veggie Patch at The Farm Yarra Valley where the workshops are held.

I also put together a podcast called The Hungry Gardener, to help share my passion for edible plants.

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11 May 2017 • Veggie Patch 101

Covered everything from design, preparation, planting out and maintaining a veggie garden. Our friendly host, Fabian, was willing to share his knowledge and experiences, answering any questions, and kept us all entertained throughout the day. It was good value for money, in an ideal setting, Fabian was really exceptional and the lunch provided was lovely. I would thoroughly recommend


11 May 2017 • Veggie Patch 101

What a great day. Fab was awsome, we got loads of information to use in our garden. The added bonus was the awsome lunch. Would recomend it to anyone. 5 star :)


22 March 2017 • Veggie Patch 101

What a Fabulous day with the Hungry Gardner. Fabian was a wealth of knowledge and was so engaging. We learnt so much about starting up a veggie patch and can't wait to get started. Our workshop ended with a beautiful lunch with beautiful surrounds. We would highly recommend this workshop to anyone with limited knowledge like myself or for those who want to improve their veggie gardens. Thanks so much for a great day Fab!!

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