Painting Mentor Program

12 Transformational Weeks!

Over 10 people have attended this class


The Mentor Program has been especially designed to develop YOU creatively, practically, spiritually and personally. It will take you on the journey of exploring your creative world, nurturing your spirit & learning to listen to it guiding you, equipping you with painting fundamentals, instruct on the elements to give your paintings the wow factor; help you break free of your confines; find out what your bliss is; find out what your true creative voice is PLUS give you 2-4 big bold ready-to-hang HERO paintings you will be coached through and proud of and host them in a group Show. 



  • Get started
  • Keep the pace on
  • Unlock yourself
  • Remove your blocks
  • Take your painting to another level
  • Find your true voice
  • Articulate your message
  • Take your creativity more seriously
  •  Be fed by being part of a small like-minded group
  • Just, escape and feed your soul and grow personally, practically & spiritually 


 Duration and Location

  • Delivered over 12 weeks
  • 12 Tuesdays (9-5) 
  • Your Art Show & Gallery Visit in the following 2 weeks
  • Jumping Creek Road, Wonga Park, Melbourne


What You Get

  • All your materials
  • 100 face-to-face hours 
  • 100 x 100 cm canvas' (or similar)
  • Quality acrylic paints
  • Range of floral compositional references 
  • Studio and plein-air experience
  • 2-4 paintings in representational, modern & abstract expressionistic style
  • Comprehensive experiential workbook
  • Tools to access and track your inner guidance
  • All food including hearty lunch & refreshments
  • Personalised spiritual, practical and personal coaching and guidance
  • Participate in a Group Show
  • Certificate recognizing 100 hours of personal & professional development 
  • Form your art buddy-group
  • Enrollment in Colour Me Beautiful All-Year

You're in safe hands.....

Formally trained in painting, printmaking, adult-ed and psycho-spirituality, Shani Alexander believes colour revives the spirit! Rather than teach you ‘how to paint’ Shani weaves her unique skill set into the design of her workshops to offer you a painting experience with a whole lot more than just your beautiful HERO paintings. You will be fully immersed in colour, food, music and company and will enjoy the freedom to loosen up, soak up the energy of a working artist's studio, embrace colour and also get to know what ignites your artistic soul. 

A Deeply Present and Intuitive Teacher 

Shani is a gentle, deeply present and intuitive teacher whose workshops are known for the expansion her participants experience. "in a 'listen to your divine guidance and set your spirit free' sense", Robyn .  Shani nurtures her students through into creative expression and they are set free to feel fully alive. "all my senses came alive with the plunge into colour, movement and it fed my soul and body", Sue .  Shani utilizes all her professional skills to tailor the workshop uniquely to your needs so that you get much more on many unexpected levels than just the BIG beautiful HERO painting you take home. "Shani will push you , coach you, guide you, instruct you, cry with you, laugh with you, prescribe intuitive homework for you, feed you, nurture you, nourish you, paint with you and celebrate with you....Heaven!...and cheaper than therapy. I got a level of myself I didn't even know was calling" Tish

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  • PAY by installments to make it easy!
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What you will learn

  • How to tackle an ambitious compositions with wow factor
  • How to listen to your spirit and what it is saying
  • How to loosen up and respond to the colours and shapes

What you will get

  • All food including refreshments and home cooked lunch!
  • Form an art-buddy group
  • An unforgetable painting journey that will revive your spirit
  • Explode in self expression
  • Tuition, inspiration and guidance
  • Soak up the energy of a working artist's studio
  • Discover what music ignites your expressive side
  • Comprehensive Interactive WorkBook
  • Participate in your own Group's Show
  • Speak about your painting journey with self confidence and style
  • Learn about the Masters
  • Plein-air photography for the wow factor
  • Painting, composition and colour fundamentals
  • Understand how to express yourself
  • All materials including 2 ready-to-hang, 100x100 cm (or similar) canvas & quality acrylic paints
  • Big bold paintings that will generate the heartbeat of your home
Parking Info

You will be sent parking instructions closer to the time of your workshop.....

What to bring

  • Your intention to create and engage in the journey
  • An big apron, layered clothing and comfortable shoes
  • Smart phone

What to wear

Casual layered clothes (Warning: This might get messy)

Appropriate for

Open heart, Willingness to grow, No experience needed - Suits between 25-75

Formally trained in art, entrepreneurship, adult education and psycho-spirituality, Shani Alexander is known for her joie de vivre and paints with a boldness that flaunts her joy of living, grabbing life by both hands in celebration. It wasn't always this way for Shani, who was a grand finalist in the 2010 Entrepreneurship Challenge for a national company that she walked away from after her brother died. Her natural grieving allowed her to go inside and rethink the direction of her life and what emerged was a transformational change to workplace chaplaincy, a tree change and returning to her first love, painting.  She sees them all powerfully linked as working alongside suffering has put into focus the gift of life and how vibrant and alive everything is.  Her philosophy is to capture life because she understands the human spirit and the healing power of her message is that colour can help you rise above the ordinary.  

Shani studied painting and printmaking at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia and the themes of spirituality, colour and expressionism are woven into the details of her designs which she often re-works to curate strongly together as a complimentary story. She has participated in numerous shows and works and practices from her studio where the Yarra Valley meets the city of Melbourne.

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5.0 (2 reviews)
09 October 2017Painting Mentor Program
Shani provided a lovely venue for me to learn, laugh, cry, and experience a truly life changing painting class. Shani's life experiences provide a well organised, informative, challenging, and thorough program. I certainly got a lot more out of this program than I imagined I would. Soul food for sure. Highly recommended.
17 April 2017Painting Mentor Program
The decision to invest in myself to do Shani's course came with a level of uncertainty. I was looking to pull myself out of the routine of work and kid's lunches and somewhere along the line I had forgotten my creativity and joy. From day one I never looked back as I joined a group of fabulous women and the wonderful Shani who guided us, enabled us to be confident in our abilities and taught us techniques that will stay with me forever. After 10 weeks I can truly say I am not the person who walked in on day one. Yes, it was about creativity and painting, but I got so much more from it and I can honestly say it has been the best thing I could have done for myself. We have all walked away with a beautiful painting that I would not have tackled by myself and made life long friends. I highly recommend the whole experience.

Refund Policy

All Shani Alexander’s Painting Programs will fill your tank creatively with fresh food, great company, inspiring tutorial, music and freedom to express yourself artistically BUT they are not refundable so, if for some reason, once a participant has purchased their place can’t make it, they can transfer to another Painting Program or transfer their place to another participant for any Painting Program of their choice

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Terms & Conditions

Refunds Policy

This workshop is limited to the number of people advertised and will fill your tank with local produce, great company, inspiring conversation, music and freedom to express yourself artistically BUT it isn't refundable so, if for some reason you cant make it, you can transfer yourself or another participant to another Painting Workshop

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