45-Minute Private Lessons - Custom Class


by 5ETS


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Every player in the game is at different stages of their development, they have individual needs and have their own stregths and weaknesses. We all have different motivations for being on the court, for some its to be the best in the world, for others its to play competition or just get a really good workout and hit lots of balls. Individual classes gives you that time to work on your own elements of the sport. Some players might need more help with their mental strength others might need more technical help. This program is a great way to get the maximum out of your game and yourself.


  • Technique: How you hit the ball grips, swings, stance, action
  • Tactics: Where to place the ball what shot to play when, styles of tennis, shot options
  • Physical: How to move to the ball footwork, cardio, agility, balance, core strength
  • Mental: Use self-talk language to get desired results focus, goals, visualization, strategy, concentration
  • Management: Controlling all of the above, taking ownership of yourself and your game by using all five elements in harmony.

Please ask us any questions to find out more information about this type of program.

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What you will learn
  • Technique: How you hit the ball grips, swings, stance, action.
  • Tactics: Where to place the ball what shot to play when, styles of tennis, shot options.
  • Physical: How to move to the ball footwork, cardio, agility, balance, core strength.
What you will get
  • Individual development on all areas of your game and what you personally need to get to the next level of your game
  • Expert tuition from an experienced tennis coach
  • One on one lesson to maximise your time, skills and performance on court

What to bring
  • Your interest to learn more about tennis!
  • towel
What to wear

Comfortable sport shoe and clothes



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5 Elements to Tennis Success: Technique, Tactics, Physical, Mental & Management

At 5ETS the programs are aimed at building quality tennis players within a positive and energetic environment. Its our mission to help each individual find out more about themselves through challenges, growth and self discovery in tennis and to become just as passionate as we are about the game.

Respect, Confidence, Self Motivation, Belief and Team Work are key areas which each player will develop and understand through the help of the positive team at 5ETS. 

Maximum participation, building positive interaction and healthy living are just some of the wonderful befits from becoming part of the program.

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