Kombucha 101

What to Bring

  • Glass Vessel (large enough to fit your hand in)

Kombucha 101

About This Class

Class Schedule

  • Duration: 1.5 hours

What You Will Learn

  • Learn the history of kombucha and a detailed overview on how to make it at home

What You Get

  • The course will include kombucha tastings, a 330ml bottle of KombuchAID for each student to take home, and some surprise treats that boost absorption of probiotics.
  • Each student will also receive a Kombucha 101 worksheet to take home, so just show up to the event with an open mind and enthusiasm to learn about probiotics and kombucha!
  • If you are interested in purchasing a Home brew kit to start brewing your own booch at home, they will be available to purchase on the evening for $50 (please bring correct change)


We have all heard the phrase “You are what you eat”. Kombucha enthusiasts take it to another level by stating, “You are what you can digest”. 80% of your immune system is in your digestive system, and 90% of serotonin is produced in the digestive system.   Regular kombucha consumers claim the tea can increase energy and awareness, decrease headaches and fatigue, and have a positive impact on balancing moods. Paying particular attention to gut health is a great way to promote optimal overall health, both physically and mentally.   

Join us for an evening with Geneva Pritchard, founder of KombuchAID and expert in probiotics and health and wellness  The workshop will include a history of kombucha, an overview on the reasons it has been hailed as the immortal elixir for over 2500 years, and a detailed overview on how to make it at home. Geneva is certail you will leave as a big believer in the power of probiotics and hopefully even ready to get a brew of kombucha started in your very own kitchen!


Geneva Pritchard founded KombuchAID in September 2013 to address two issues close to her heart: funding health projects amongst refugee communities on the Thailand-Burma border, and addressing the increasing prevalence of digestive-related illness in her community.  When Geneva returned from many years as a development worker in rural Thailand she suffered from digestive problems and anxiety. Through mindful eating and a dedicated yoga practice Geneva was able to heal herself naturally and dreamt of starting a business that could combine her passion for health and wellness and international development work.

Geneva’s passion for the power of probiotics, the creative process of brewing kombucha and her love for helping her community find natural healing solutions really shines through in her classes.  Interested in learning more about KombuchAID, their brewing process and the projects they support?  Check out www.kombuchaid.com or attend the workshop and ask Geneva directly!

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