Bread Is Broken, Let's Fix It

Bread Is Broken, Let's Fix It

About This Class

What You Will Learn

  • Why bread is broken, and what we can do to fix it
  • Why knowing about stone milling flour will change your perception of bread
  • How delicious and nutritious stone milled flour is in bread, pastries, and pizzas

What You Get

  • A new found knowledge to start your bread revolution
  • A signature DUST Village loaf to take home 
  • 1KG of freshly milled stone ground flour to take home
  • Option to stay for pizza and wine!


Do you love bread, but don't know much about where your flour comes from? At DUST we are so passionate about stone milling our own flour, we want you to join us for a class all about flour, and more importantly the difference between modern flour, and our flour. Whether you’re thinking of baking your own bread, just love eating bread or are already a baker, this is the place to start.

Come to a DUST APPRECIATION CLASS to be part of the bread revolution and find out why everyone is talking about stone milling flour and the nutritional benefits. You’ll even leave to with your own 1KG bag of freshly stone milled flour.

We promise to change your perception of bread forever.


Meet Ces, the third generation baker who is the man behind DUST, and the one causing such a stir in the bread making industry. He's certainly not afraid of a challenge, and opening DUST where he can mill his own flour has been a lifelong dream for him. Ces and the DUST team will welcome you behind the scenes to see our handmade stone mill and to see our heritage grains. They’ll demonstrate how it works and mills the flour. We'll show you how the stone mill works, and teach you everything you'll need to know to start you off on your bread revolution. What is stone milling? Why is it so much better for you than traditional pre milled / roller milled flour? Then we’ll teach you all about how slow fermentation works, and why it's so much better for and your digestive system. Throughout the class, you’ll try all our breads, and after the class, we'd love to invite you to stay for stone milled, slow fermeted pizza and wine. You can pre pay at the time of booking, or decide on the night.

STAY FOR DINNER WITH CES - stay after the class to be apart of a group dinner with pizza, wine and salads and share your questions with Ces (you’ll have lots of them). To include this in your ticket, chose the $75 option.


At DUST, all our bread, pastries and cakes contain our own stone milled flour, milled on site by our by our beautiful stone mill.

Stone milling our own flour is at the heart of everything we do because:

- it produces a flour which retains the highest level of nutrition

- it allows us to work directly with amazing organic Australian farmers to source the best sustainable grains we can find

In Australia, most commercial bread processes start with a pre milled flour, which has been roller milled. The grains have unknown origins, and the roller milling process essential strips the flour of much of its nutrients.

We believe bread should be a vehicle for nutrition and only use stone milled flour which retains as much nutrition as Mother Nature intended.

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Feb 2017
Bread Is Broken, Let's Fix It - 31 Jan 2017 6:30 PM

I learned more about grains, yeast and bread ingredients. Really enjoyed the salad, pizzas, and the evening out.

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