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The Artisan's Bottega (formerly Cellar Plus) has been a part of Melbourne for over 40+ years. Our product range and customer base have always been quite extensive. We continue to provide a comprehensive range of processing equipment, accessories and kitchenware items from overseas, mainly made in Italy. Our customers, from trade professionals to home operators looking to pursue their hobby with passion, are always able to find a solution to what they are searching for to improve their craft. Our friendly and informative staff members are in-store experts and our chefs, brewers and distillers are at your disposal. And they are happy to see how many people still support their LOCAL and FRIENDLY BUSINESS.

It’s a great place to pick up brewing supplies to create unique craft beer recipes. It’s a great central spot for our commercial winery clients or restaurant chefs to pick up their urgent items as they head out to their country vineyard or Cafe' ready for the busy shift ahead.

Our many traditionalists and newbie urban winemakers and salami makers follow the calendar months and eagerly wait for seasonal and harvest periods to approach and know that The Artisan's Bottega is the place that has the BEST QUALITY PRODUCTS and EDUCATION to support their needs. 

It’s a win-win philosophy between customers and their supplier that has kept The Artisan's Bottega thriving all these years. Customers who have had a great experience from using our products usually come back for different items or referring other customers saying how our products preformed compared others they had experienced. We Offer only great products that represent the best value for price on the market. We aim to support products that are easy for our customers to use and durable to last for many years on.

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Cancellation & Refund Policy

Over one week before the class - $0 fee for date change (per person) and 20% fee for cancellation (per person);

Under than one week before the class - 20% fee for date change (per person) and 100% fee for cancellation (per person).

On the day of the class - 50% fee for date change (per person) and 100% fee for cancellation (per person).

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10 June 2018 • Salami Making Master Class - West Melbourne

I attended a salami making class with 9 others on 2 June . The instructors, Maurice and Stefano gave clear instruction, we all pitched in chopping meat, mincing, mixing etc. By the end we’d made a dozen or so salamis. When the question was asked about whether we’d get to take one home (an assumption a number of us had made) we were told by one of the instructors that his teenage kids would “knock them back” or they’d be given to friends or staff! Very hard to reconcile the ticket cost of $149 with not getting to take home a salami, after all we’d more than covered the cost of the ingredients and actually made them! All in all really poor value. As an aside I attended a competitor’s salami making class about a year ago, at the end we hung them and 6 weeks later the shop called to say we could pick them up, terrific end to end experience.


04 June 2018 • Salami Making Master Class - West Melbourne

Enjoyed class. Very informative and good environment for learning.

The Artisan's Bottega


Thank you very much for your review!


29 May 2018 • Sausage Making Master Class - West Melbourne

Paid $119 for this 3 hour class. Was the most expensive 420gm of sausages I have ever bought. The group of 12 prepared mixed and made the sausages under the supervision of ?. He didn’t introduce himself so no idea of his name. At the end of 3 hours we were asked to make up additional sausages in vacuumed bags for the staff to take home! Thought this would be a lot better than it was, especially at this price. Expected to get advice and tips on how you can make your own sausages at home using non-commercial equipment not make up 2 X 4kg batches of sausages.

The Artisan's Bottega


Hi!We appreciate and respect your opinion but also think it’s quite unfair,considering all reviews from same day.Fee covers expert tuition,experience,homemade wine&food and 10kg free range pork for sausages to EAT IN & TAKE AWAY for EVERYBODY.IF any left,it’s taken from helpful staff as a thank you.We add vacuum sealing as part of the class since very important.Courses have been constant and successful for years and we’ve never had them low rated because of meat qty offered.Yours is the 1st review that brings out this “issue”and honestly caught us by surprise. This process includes the description of all the fundamental steps to successfully make sausages at home using the high quality equipment that we supply,in price and size range for most home operators.If you needed extra info reg other equipment,our instructors welcome questions during class.If you still would like more info please call store and we’ll be happy to help as we have equipment to suit all needs and budgets.Thank you.

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