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The Artisan's Bottega (formerly Cellar Plus) has been a part of Melbourne for over 40+ years. Our product range and customer base have always been quite extensive. We continue to provide a comprehensive range of processing equipment, accessories and kitchenware items from overseas, mainly made in Italy. Our customers, from trade professionals to home operators looking to pursue their hobby with passion, are always able to find a solution to what they are searching for to improve their craft. Our friendly and informative staff members are in-store experts and our chefs, brewers and distillers are at your disposal. And they are happy to see how many people still support their LOCAL and FRIENDLY BUSINESS.

It’s a great place to pick up brewing supplies to create unique craft beer recipes. It’s a great central spot for our commercial winery clients or restaurant chefs to pick up their urgent items as they head out to their country vineyard or Cafe' ready for the busy shift ahead.

Our many traditionalists and newbie urban winemakers and salami makers follow the calendar months and eagerly wait for seasonal and harvest periods to approach and know that The Artisan's Bottega is the place that has the BEST QUALITY PRODUCTS and EDUCATION to support their needs. 

It’s a win-win philosophy between customers and their supplier that has kept The Artisan's Bottega thriving all these years. Customers who have had a great experience from using our products usually come back for different items or referring other customers saying how our products preformed compared others they had experienced. We Offer only great products that represent the best value for price on the market. We aim to support products that are easy for our customers to use and durable to last for many years on.

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Cancelation & Refund Policy

Over one week before the class - $0 fee for date change (per person) and 20% fee for cancellation (per person);

Under than one week before the class - 20% fee for date change (per person) and 100% fee for cancellation (per person).

On the day of the class - 50% fee for date change (per person) and 100% fee for cancellation (per person).

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28 August 2017 • Salami Making Master Class - West Melbourne

We learnt to make salami! It was such a great day! Small class, great food and lots of laughs! Highly recommended!


23 August 2017 • Salami Making Master Class - West Melbourne

The whole session was filled with so much information, step by step process and hands get in and do it! It was fabulous and the course leader was knowledgeable and ran the class in a most engaging and easy to enjoy style. Highly recommend!


15 August 2017 • Sausage Making Master Class - West Melbourne

The course was very casual and enjoyable, we made two types of sausages from scratch. Each step was explained well with little useful tips provided as you went, so note taking was essential. Everyone had a turn at each step and we got to eat some our produce during a mid-course break. Personal hygiene was strongly emphasised with regular visits to the sinks to wash our hands between steps. At $50 per head it is good value as you even come away with three sausages each.

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