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Can you imagine a world without performers? A life without the theatre, without dance, music, or drama? We celebrate art on a daily basis and without it, we would be a society without heart. And while the path to becoming a performing artist is not always an easy pursuit, your passion and persistence, plus some excellent guidance can help make your dream a reality.

Are you a star waiting to be discovered? Learn what it takes to become a truly great artist from some of the best performing arts classes and workshops in Melbourne .

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Drop In - Wednesdays 2018

Take charge of your performance!

Wed, 23 May 10:00AM
4.0 hours

Castlemaine Acting Intensive (Sunday)

An acting intensive that makes your acting 'real'

Sun, 10 Jun 2:00PM
4.0 hours x 6 Sessions

Improvisation - Maker or Breaker

Improvisation!! How to use it in a scripted scene

Sun, 27 May 10:00AM
6.0 hours

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