Kids Coding Sydney - Lemonade Stand

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  • $495 per student
  • $50 to secure a spot


  • $395 Super Early Bird
  • $445 Early Bird
  • $800 for a group of 2 kids
  • $1125 for a group of 3 kids

Requirements for this class:

  • Packed Lunch & Snacks — We will provide refreshments throughout the day, but your child will be required to bring their own lunch & any snacks.
  • Writing tools — Please have your child bring their pencil case containing pencils, textas and markers for use throughout the program.
  • Laptop — The kids will be using software and different online platforms for the workshop. Tablets have very limited accessibility to the workshop's activities so a laptop is the recommended device. A Mac is preferred, but a recent PC laptop also works— preferably with Chrome or Mozilla Firefox installed as the browser.
  • USB Port and administrator access (on laptop) — in order to use the Arduino hardware on the computer.
  • Arduino IDE installed on the computer— In order to program the Arduino hardware, this software is required. Please follow the installation instructions from this link.

About Kids Coding

Coding is one of the world's most widely used languages. As more and more of our world relies on software to power it, being able to understand and affect it means having the ability to control our future. 

Throughout o2-dayday coding workshop, taught by developers in the industry, we teach your children how to understand the underlying technology which is shaping the world around them. 

Not only will your children learn how to build their own websites, they'll also use Arduino kits to see how software and hardware interact."

Everyone should know how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think" - Steve Jobs

What people say about Lemonade Stand

"Thank you for a fun, interactive and thought-provoking 2 days. My son Conor had an absolute ball, and is brimming with ideas and enthusiasm! You obviously love what you do, and more importantly, the kids do too." - Kristen, Parent

"The pitches I saw today were better than many adults I've seen pitch." Steve Baxter, Shark Tank

"It's not boring school. We make websites and we learn businesses and stuff, however at school it's just maths and English. Everybody should get the chance to do this — it's epic." Maxim, Student. April '16

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What you will learn
  • The fundamentals of programming, including object, variables and functions
  • Debugging, computational thinking, logic, and coding best practices.
  • Build a website from scratch with HTML/CSS

What to bring
  • Packed Lunch & Snacks
  • Writing Tools
  • Laptop
  • USB Port and administrator access (on laptop)
  • Arduino IDE installed on the computer
Appropriate for

This program is designed for 9-12 year old kids.


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